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Motorola Moto X4 User Reviews

9.5 Based on 2 Reviews

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Call quality6.5/10
Build quality10/10
Text input10/10
Everyday usage9.5/10
UI speed9/10


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posted on 15 Jun 2018, 10:56 (Posts: 0; Member since: 15 Jun 2018)


Almost worth it

Nictrick777 has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

I got the Moto X4 on Google's Project Fi network after going swimming with my Pixel. It was an amazing price, and I don't need top of the line. But when I started getting phone calls, I could hear them fine, but they could barely understand me. After a few weeks of working with support to try and fix anything on the network side, I determined that there was a problem with the phone. That is really my only complaint of the phone. I don't care if the web browser takes an extra second to load, but when an essential function of a phone doesn't work.... Looking through the internet, it doesn't seem extremely common, but I have seen other people with the same problem.

Build quality 10/10
Reception 10/10
Call quality 3/10
Internet 8/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 10/10
UI speed 9/10
Everyday usage 9/10
Text input 10/10
Display 10/10
Battery 10/10


  • price
  • camera
  • features
  • wide angle camera
  • Project Fi network


  • camera bump
  • call quality

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posted on 14 Jan 2018, 02:49 (Posts: 4; Member since: 27 May 2013)


Best Upper-Mid Range Phone I've tested to Date

belieber1996 has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

The Moto X4 is definitely a solid contender, and the reviews I've read about this smartphone before purchased it were really underestimated (save for the camera). The phone feels like a solid one with the aluminum and glass feel, not to mention it's not as much of a fingerprint as I expected. The display and the size of the phone all feel just fine, as I can reach everything with one hand, and I use the fingerprint sensor for all the gestures to get more of the screen real estate. The Snapdragon 630 paired with 3 GB of RAM works great, as I don't experience any hiccups, if any. Using the phone unlocked on MetroPCS for me works without a hitch on their LTE network. The dual camera quality is capable of taking shots comparable to a higher-end device, it's the shutter speeds on the device that can easily throw off the focus. The front camera included with flash was definitely impressive enough for me to use with Snapchat which not a lot of Android phones can deliver on the app. Between the great battery life, sharp display, and the solid snappy experience, paying around $400 for the phone outright was worth every penny!

Build quality 10/10
Reception 10/10
Call quality 10/10
Internet 10/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 9/10
UI speed 9/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 10/10
Display 10/10
Battery 9/10


  • Dual Rear Cameras
  • Pure and Swift Android Experience
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life


  • Slow Shutter Speeds
  • Fingerprint Gestures Take Time to Adjust to

belieber1996 alternatives:

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