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martin posted on Jun 25, 2005, 3:12 PM


great phone, but no more

i got an mpx220 in january 05. it was the best phone i could imagine. it died three days ago, apparently a battery problem. my dealer could not order a new battery from motorola or any 3rd party supplier. it is sent off to motorola for "4-6 weeks" for repair. i hope they fix it!

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Jose_david posted on Feb 12, 2005, 10:37 PM


Tne great problem

The great problem: because do not sell this model in Puerto Rico......................................................................................

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traderyoda posted on Jan 25, 2005, 12:55 AM


Great Phone

This is a very good phone despite all the claims to the opposite. It requires some patience setting it up and you have to have the latest firmware flashed to the phone. My MPx220 has excellent sound quality, very good battery life, exceptional RF, and the Windows interface has been surprisingly less buggy that I originally suspected. So, don't be putoff by the naysayers - this is a great device that is excellent for a busy professional!

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Paul posted on Jan 10, 2005, 7:40 PM


Cingular Special Order Only

In the Washington/Baltimore/Northern Virginia area, Cingular is only offering the MPX-220 by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Due to the microphone being on the bottom of the phone. The result is the person you aret talking to can't hear you very well, ie asking you to speak up, aparentally the problem was bad enough for them to take this action. Motorola did respond by changing some of the software to help with the audio but it is still by special order only. I have not used the phone with the software upgrade

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Ryan posted on Jan 09, 2005, 11:34 PM


Returning phone after 2-weeks of use

This phone is not the way to for a windows smart phone.

First let me start out with the positives since it will be short:

1. The voice dialing is nice. It actually learns your voice. It is not like other phone where you tag your voice with the number.

2. Windows smart phone is the way of the future. If there was another small phone with cingular besides the samsung with a price tag over $500 i would go for it. Guess I will wait for now and get the v510, heard great things about it, plus played with the volume etc. very good.

3. The online feautres and windows messenger is nice when you are on the go with internet explorer and windows media player and nice quality vga camara. Good memory size and expandable mini scan disk.

4. it has blue tooth.

thats it.

Now the bad points about the phone.

1. The speaker phone volume or lack there of is poor.
you can not here the speaker when on the phone unless it is quite or you have it right by your ear.

2. you can not use the speaker with the phone closed. You can only use the speaker phone when the phone is open. and like most other phones, unless you can turn off the flip option, you cannot answer the phone when the phone is closed with the speaker.

3. the online features sometimes will not connect unless you turn off the phone and on to reset.

4. the ear peice is horrible. you have to adjust it just right and if it is loud you have to push it tight to you ears.

5. if you push it tight...  

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hadriel posted on Jan 06, 2005, 8:54 AM


Not a bad shot

this phone isn't so bad. the features are great. and the volume of the earpiece is sketchy, however, you can easily fix that by moving the earpiece slightly (it gets louder) all in all a solid phone, no problems with mine, except mms doesn't always work right. but then again i paid half price for the phone and did not have to sign a contract so i may be biased. (definately not worth $450.00... $200.00 much better) look for deals if you want this phone, i can not reveal my source, but believe me, they are put there.

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Craig posted on Dec 25, 2004, 11:43 PM


Motorola Recall

Not only is there a sound problem ( you can not hear the caller), the material used to construct the phone is of terrible quality. There is also a hinge problem that will not be fixed with firmware changes, but only if they remanufacture the phone out of quality materica. After 10-days of use, the hinge began to break and Motorola is well aware of this, but will deny since it would have a signicant financial impact on Motorola.

Features of Microsoft Mobile are fabulous, but the phone is "terrible". Do not buy.

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1000rr posted on Nov 28, 2004, 2:41 AM


terrible phone

this phone has great programs. The sound quality sucks. this phone is a waste of money. buy a v551. this phone is definetly not worth the money. this phone is just made poorly.

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