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asskickern4 posted on Mar 21, 2010, 9:33 AM


just some random guy

I believe the first reviewer in the first line of paragraph had a bias against the phone.If only they had went to the website http://www.LG-eXpo.com  they might had better luck with some of the issueshere is just one person's opinion and they are not alone ""i love the LG camera so far its like day and night between the eXpo and the HTC .. i was never happy with any HTC cameras, even tho i had over 4 HTC phones, .. eXpo is the best i had so far.so if anyone else wants to research more in deciding what phone to get. This site among others would be of tremendous help


  • the camera alone is my fave also no issues with vids i have dl instead of having to convert it to 3gp it just plays as is


  • not a big fan of the default browser :( also due to some of the apps ,which can be adjusted , battery life is a little short.

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M.Merport posted on Feb 05, 2010, 8:53 PM


Considerable dissapointment

Since this phone appeared on ATT web site, it was hard to get - it's not sold in the stores, it's always out of stock on-line. It sounded great in reviews and in the specs, so I finally one day I was able to order it. I expected great improvement from my Samsung Epix as far as Win 6.5, and loved the idea of big screen and slide out keyboard. I am not a techie, but until now I've been able to navigate all my computer and phone needs without ever calling tech support in my life. This phone got me stuck. It's been three weeks, and I am still struggling.

Windows dissapointed by poor customization optios. Icons in the start menu could be moved to the top, or to the bottom. They can not be removed (or at least I could not figure out how to do it after reading all manuals I could find in the box and on-line).  The standard Windows "Today" page looks attractive, but it's all-or-nothing: if you try to remove "getting started" line - the whole thing dissapears, and you get a lame tiny unattractive menu with less functionality than on Win 6.1. The other thing missing from phone settings is the autoanswer option when using the hands-free device (it's not where it was on 6.1, and I could not find it anywhere else). So, now I have to press button to answer a call - it's not hands-free anymore. The IE works OK, but the zoom function is not as good as on iPhone, or even on HTC Pure, or even on Blackberry.

The other major dissapointment is a touch screen. I understand it's a different...  


  • Screen, keyboard, e-mail setup, Wi-Fi


  • BATTERY!!!, TOUCH SCREEN, reception, Windows 6.5 design

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