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Anonymous posted on Sep 15, 2010, 9:07 PM


Pretty nice messaging phone.

This phone is great for texting, calling, taking pictures and everything else you can think of. The touch screen is responsive, and even though the buttons make a clicking noise when I text, I still feel very comfortable texting on it.The only thing that doesnt work for me on it is the internet, its very slow and sometimes doesnt load. I have to click "post" on facebook more than once, If you use internet on your phone Id recomend not to get this but if you dont have internet this could be the perfect phone for you.

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Anonymous posted on Sep 11, 2010, 10:36 PM


first LIKED now LOVED

THE PHONE IS NICE! the camera is clear. i am a heavy txter and texts all the time! text messages are coming in as i write this review LOL. but the keyboard is bigger then the lg xenon's and the phone has the basic set up like the LG XENON. i LOVE that you can customize the phone and YES u can have phone SIGNATURE. i just dont like that the web is slow, but still works for me. i reccomend it! and Yes the touch screen is responsive (only WORKS with Fingers not NAILS) i did research on this phone as well and the at&t people online recommend this phone but the at&t person in the stole said get this one if u dont want JUNK. every phone has cons and pros but i just think the pantech ease is unRESPONSIVE


  • camera
  • keyboard
  • set up
  • features
  • battery life is okay


  • web is kinda slow

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s. berns posted on Sep 10, 2010, 12:04 PM



 Just got this phone after researching all.I do not do Internet but I do use it as a phone and light text.
Its size is perfect.Tone quality is very important to me and that is why I stayed away from Samsung.
Ease of use is about normal once you move around the screens a bit.
The cost did not break the bank as well.
I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a nice looking phone for basic functions.


  • Nice looks,Clear tonal quality,large keypad,good video quality.


  • none

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