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sambamfanfan posted on Mar 20, 2009, 4:09 AM


its a good phone!

i have had this phone for almost two years, and let me tell you, it is a very very good phone! besides the awesome look, the phone is sturdy, and will survive a long time. the camera was voted one of the best 2MP camera's on the camera phone market, due to its amount of detail and quality. and the phone is great! i dropped this in my pool, and it survived. oviously im not saying its waterproof, but after leaving it in the sun for acouple hours to absorb the water it worked fine!
i reccomment this phone for anyone who just needs a simple, easy to use, cheapish, everything phone. there are no features that 'stand out'. but there are many simple features. the camera, the MP3, video playback, the sexy look, the mirror effect, the list goes on.


  • its just the perfect simple phone!
  • reccommend for teenagers or people who just use there phone as a phone and think the extra features are handy


  • the features are not the best

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nemesis_1009 posted on Jun 12, 2007, 8:19 AM


poor phone

i recently purchased an LG KU970 Shine. it was a bad idea. it looks great but is very poor. video playback is very low quality, scroll is dodgy, programs and software is slow etc

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Camelia posted on Mar 25, 2007, 6:21 AM


Basic phone

Dear all,

Just a quiq note in regards of the new LG generation.

I agree the design its nice, shiny, nice color etc.. In terms of quality I am afraid this is very poor. As you may all know they recommend that the battery should last 4-5 days, well let me tell you the true, you will have battery no more that 2 days......

I will recommend everyone to pay attention before buying. I think we should look for quality before quantity.

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