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corporateJP posted on Jun 18, 2010, 7:24 PM
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Beautiful look and feel, tactile keyboard, 1GHz processor, well laid out. But, alas, it has one of the world's worst operating systems. Lots of choppy movement and typical Windows errors and freezing. Microsoft needs to make sure Windows Phone 7 is user-friendly when it arrives, otherwise they're going to be part of cellular history. LG made a nice phone, Gates' crew ruined it. Lousy OS will also NOT be upgradable to the forementioned Mobile 7, so if you want to stick with this and are friendly with Windows 6-point-whatever, it is doable. I've seen and have had some bad phones, this is not the worst. Also a note, the camera is good for what it is (3.2 MP), but I expect more from a smartphone these days.


  • Design, keyboard, processor


  • operating system, camera

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Still Waiting posted on Jun 20, 2010, 6:28 PM


LG Missed with This Phone

I just upgraded to the Fathom, and I am quite disappointed. The GPS is incredibly slow, and Verizon was unable to help speed it up. The tech noted that all of the settings were correct, but that the phone was just slooooow. So much for the snapdragon processor, which was one of the reasons I purchased this model. Email is equally slow. There is not threaded text messaging. Apparently, it is very difficulty, if not impossible, to import my old ringtone over to the phone. The battery also does not last very long, requiring charging in less than a day, and that without heavy multi-media use. The browsers also lack the pinch zoom, which one might expect from a phone that was just recently released. I am seriously considering taking this phone back. One positive is that it does have a nice physical keyboard if you don't like the feel of the touchscreen.


  • Snapdragon processor, access to Microsoft Office mobile,nice physical keyboard in landscape mode.


  • Very slow GPS, no custom ringtones, slow email, short battery life

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jaja posted on Jun 10, 2010, 6:24 PM



 The new LG Fathom is a great secondary phone to have. It has a great touchscreen like the motorola devour and the droid. BOth the devour and the fathom deserve a 9 out of 10! I tried the Fathom for about 10 weeks and was pleasently surprised with its features.


  • great touch screen


  • poor camera

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