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5.7 Based on 3 Reviews

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Build quality6/10
Text input4.5/10
Everyday usage6.5/10
UI speed4.5/10
Call quality4.5/10


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posted on 21 Jun 2012, 19:39 (Posts: 0; Member since: 21 Jun 2012)


LG Encore

Aimeem137 has owned it for more than one year before publishing this review

This phone is TERRIBLE! For a temporary phone it is fine, but after about 6 months it will randomly shut off, the screen is terrible and won't hit the buttons you hit (example: press "j" and you might get the letter "d" while texting) Will not hold a charge, very little bilt in memory, and many other problems. This is NOT a long term phone. Worse phone I have owned.

Build quality 5/10
Reception 2/10
Call quality 2/10
Internet 2/10
Multimedia 5/10
Camera 2/10
UI speed 2/10
Everyday usage 3/10
Text input 2/10
Display 2/10
Battery 2/10


  • cheap
  • music
  • can send picture messages
  • Cheap


  • Camera is only 3 mp
  • very little memory for messages and pictures
  • screen does not keep calibration
  • battery dies every couple hours, no matter how much you charge it.
  • lights at the bottom eventually burn out
  • randomly shuts off
  • scream is a very cheap plastic

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posted on 29 Sep 2011, 18:11 (Posts: 0; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)


Lg encore

Swagful has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

This is a good music player phone and nice apps but the touch screen is sometimes unresponsive.This phone cool and all but its has small inbox i need to delete my messages everyday and outbox the battery life is not that great its get you through a day with heavy use. texting is ok and camera it good calling is alright but i dont call alot the speaker is loud.

Build quality 7/10
Reception 7/10
Call quality 7/10
Internet 7/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 7/10
UI speed 7/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 7/10
Display 6/10
Battery 5/10


  • music player
  • speaker


  • battery
  • inbox memory
  • touch screen
  • small

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Matthew Danahy
posted on 30 Sep 2010, 20:53


Good and some bad

 This phone is a very good phone, good music player, good apps, good texting and pictures, the downside, it takes a long time to send picture messages and most times does not do it, it just stops,  it has average battery life, it lasts just about a day but functions quite well. I found it annoying that when your making a call and your trying to end it the lengthy bar on the bottom of the screen disappears when you press it and shrinks and then  you press the wrong button every time. It has a VERY small inbox. It cannot support very many messages and i wish they would have increased the phones memory.

Design 7/10
Features 8/10
Performance 6/10


  • Features
  • Pictures/videos
  • Design
  • Good for texting


  • Small inbox
  • Small memory
  • Cannot send picture mesages
  • Battery

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