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Build quality6/10
Text input3/10
Everyday usage5/10
UI speed3/10
Call quality1/10


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posted on 12 May 2012, 22:15 (Posts: 0; Member since: 12 May 2012)


Had great hopes, Should have kept the old phone.

swinglowd has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

It would be a great phone if there were proper GSM coverage in my area. Probably like in an actual LARGE city like Minneapolis, Chicago or Any other that size. Love the capabilities it has, but there are so few apps avaliable that actually work properly for the phone. Got this from tracfone, such a huge mistake. I got no service so often due to poor coverage provided by the company. I was under 1/4 MI away from the cell tower in town and had no service, but swapped that POS out for a LG 501c and get full bars in the exact same spot.

Build quality 6/10
Reception 1/10 Cant get reception 3 miles away from my house IN the city Outside in my works parking lot.
Call quality 1/10 Cut in and out constantly, had to bobble back and forth to keep a call.
Internet 5/10 Worked good, looked real nice when i could get a decent signal.
Multimedia 7/10 Love the fact there are touchscreen games, customizable screens and organizable menu icons. Built in MP3 player, that is awsome. 2mp camera does real well in full sun/daylight. Needs a better organizational system for mp3s. all sounds are together in the list, including ringtones that came with the phone.
Camera 7/10 Good quality, better than a 1.3 mp like most cameras come with. Does good outside, and has a low quality video recording, but thats better than nothing.
UI speed 3/10 screen will lag when motioning between menus. Screen moves too fast when scrolling contacts or music.
Everyday usage 5/10 Loved the features, but horrible reception, couldnt use it everyday as much as i wanted.
Text input 3/10 virtual keyboard is small. works great if you peck at it with a pen or pencil, like on a PDA.
Display 6/10 Nice quality picture viewer, love how it is customizable.
Battery 5/10 Nothing good or bad to say about battery, depends on how much you use the phone.


  • Touch screen
  • MP3 player with 3.5 mm jack
  • Micro SD compatable
  • 2.0 mp camera
  • customizable screen/backgrounds


  • call quality was low for me
  • lacks easy navigation for contacts and photos
  • no GPS
  • Can't customize every contact's text sound. Limited to 1 Txt msg sound per profile.
  • could only use ring tones lower than 300 kb, meaning not many good ring tones avaliable.
  • Scrolling on the touch screen was hard, just would be better with 2 arrow keys.
  • No speakerphone
  • no voice commands

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