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LG Chocolate MX800 / AX800 / CX800 User Reviews

3.9 Based on 3 Reviews

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Build quality5/10
Text input2/10
Everyday usage3/10
UI speed2/10
Call quality3/10

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posted on 11 Dec 2010, 16:34 (Posts: 0; Member since: 11 Dec 2010)


Pretty Bad

deeder has owned it for more than one year before publishing this review

My dad has this phone, I am trying to convince him to take mine. ( I have the LG Rumour 2 in black but he said "its too girly")
The battery life on this phone is absolutely horrible it has always lasted him like 5 hours not even using it. Cant get on ANY internet games/multimedia ETC it just wont work.
The text imput is very hard because the keyboard is so small and it is the Flip phone kind, I had a very good idea, if this phone was a double slide and slid out to have a QWERTY keyboard.
Overall i think this phone is really horrible and im very glad LG discontinued it.

Build quality 5/10 scratches really easily
Reception 4/10 bad always low signal
Call quality 3/10 very weak and crackily
Internet 2/10 HORRIBLE!! will never load
Multimedia 3/10 not very much stuff, very basic
Camera 4/10 not very good
UI speed 2/10 HORRIBLE
Everyday usage 3/10 slow and ALWAYS needs to be charged
Text input 2/10 very hard, bad keyboard
Display 3/10 not bad, but very small screen


  • Touch Buttons, Display (picture)


  • Battery, Internet, Games, Quality, Call Quality

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calley anne
posted on 09 Apr 2008, 13:36



I've had this phone (piece of crap) for about 9 months. It was terrible. The battery life was terrible, the touch screen can't be locked, there-for people how carry their phones in their pockets risk the chance of opening an unwanted program. Which would ALWAYS happen to me. The chocolate doesn't have a speaker phone, and the volume on the earpiece isn't great either.
I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone because it's just a bad phone in general.

Design 5/10
Features 3/10
Sound Quality 1/10
Signal Strength 2/10
Value for money 1/10

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mike larson
posted on 28 Oct 2006, 17:47


this phones signal is weak

this phone has a weak signal, if you decide to spend the money for this phone you better spend the money to get a signal booster. The built in phone antenna is just like having no antenna.

Design 8/10
Features 7/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Signal Strength 2/10
Value for money 5/10

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