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6.4 Based on 7 Reviews

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Call quality6.6/10
Build quality8/10
Text input6.7/10
Everyday usage6.3/10
UI speed5.6/10


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posted on 22 Jul 2015, 21:41 (Posts: 0; Member since: 22 Jul 2015)


Not even fit for beta testing...over 3 years since it was released

dot4xdash has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

This thing is so bad, I will never buy another Kyocera product again. I'm pretty sure it wasn't even designed by engineers, I think they deployed the thousand monkeys locked in a room technique on this one.

Pros: It has a physical QWERTY keyboard

Cons: Everything else

Let's see, there's the random reboots, it does that one about 4-5 times in a day.

There's the can't run 2 programs at once crash, which happens 95% or so of the time you try to run 2 apps at once. This one is especially awesome because when you are attempting to enter data by that physical keyboard it requires a system app to do it. That system app, plus another app (like say the webbrowser) will crash back to desktop almost always. Really awesome that despite having a physical QWERTY, you can't actually use it most of the time.

There's the inexplicable frozen but not frozen mode, in which the phone acts like you've started 4 major apps, but nothing is actually running, and what you are telling it to run runs at about 10% speed.

There's the blank screen freeze, in which the phone is turned on, but the screen will not turn on no matter if the slider is open or closed, or how many times you hit the unlock button. To fix this one you have to yank the battery.

There's the wireless with a mind of its own bug. This one is where the wireless turns itself back on within 30 minutes of turning it off. I've checked my apps, they aren't doing this. It happens so frequently that within a week of owning this "phone"...  

Build quality 3/10
Reception 6/10
Call quality 2/10
Internet 2/10
Multimedia 2/10
Camera 4/10
UI speed 1/10
Everyday usage 1/10
Text input 1/10
Display 2/10
Battery 6/10

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posted on 28 Dec 2013, 21:49 (Posts: 0; Member since: 28 Dec 2013)


Terrible Reception

Aloine has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

The phone would be wonderful if you could actually use it regularly. Bad reception causes many problems and often it is just unusable. I have had the phone for six months and while it is very durable, I often find that I can not use it in my home unless it is up against a window. I usually have to go outside to use it properly.

Build quality 10/10 It might feel a little flimsy but the phone has been dropped A LOT without any damage at all. It has also been completely soaked with water at least three times with no damage.
Reception 4/10 I get full bars and service whenever I am out in the open, however, if I am inside a building, forget it. I barely get service whenever I am inside of a building, which makes it very difficult to use the phone.
Call quality 5/10 When I can actually make calls, they come in fairly well, but this doesn't happen often.
Internet 5/10 When I can actually connect to the internet, it does work, though it is a little slow.
Multimedia 5/10
Camera 3/10 The camera sucks. Pictures often come out blurry. There is no zoom, and the sounds for taking pictures can not be turned off.
UI speed 4/10 The UI is a little clunky. It takes a while for the system to respond and sometimes it doesn't work at all.
Everyday usage 5/10 When I can actually use it, it does serve its purpose well.
Text input 10/10 The keyboard is wonderful. It is a great size and makes things much easier.
Display 5/10
Battery 5/10 The battery lasts quite a while, that is, as long as the phone does not search for wifi, which it does often, even when the wifi/connections optimizer are turned off.


  • Keyboard


  • Reception, Camera

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posted on 05 Oct 2013, 21:53 (Posts: 0; Member since: 05 Oct 2013)


Worst Phone ever!

ladyhawkhawk has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

Screen shuts off even after setting it to go off after more then a minute. If you are on hold or check your bank account , etc. by pushing different buttons you have to continuiosly slide the keyboard open to get it back! It is very easy to accidentally call the last number you dialed, google who knows what, and end up on all different screens. The volume button is on the side so it is very easy to turn the volume down. I dont hear my phone rining! Worst of all, I had to dial 911 and it wouldn't let me get through with out pushing a bunch of other screens! I called virgin mobile about it. They sent me this reconditioned phone. The volume it terrible on speaker, cant take pics with text, in addition to all the previous problems mentioned. Reception is below average , cant get any in basements, blind spots in my house, dropped calls. ca't send texts sometimes, tells me full number with area code is imcomplete yet I can recieve texts on that number.

Build quality 6/10 Phone is fairly sturdy, dropped it a few times but hasn't damaged it hardly at all.
Reception 3/10 none in basements, spotty in my house while other phones had better reception.
Call quality 3/10 speaker terrible . volume could be much better.
Internet 3/10 slow downloading. choppy.
Multimedia 2/10
Camera 2/10 pictures fuzzy, very poor text photos. cant read them.
UI speed 3/10 ?
Everyday usage 4/10 works for calls when 3 or more bars are seen. limited usage when 1 or 2 bars.
Text input 2/10 ? touchy keyboard. very easy to type the wrong words. automatic word correction makes it even worse.
Display 6/10 not bad, but with all the other issues......does it matter/
Battery 3/10 gets plugged in every night. fairly standard??? sometimes if I turn it off while at work ( cant use them there) it lasts longer.


  • Display and sturdiness


  • a lot. look above

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posted on 20 Apr 2013, 06:49 (Posts: 0; Member since: 20 Apr 2013)


Not bad.

vmbridun has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

All in all this is a good phone for the cost. If you aren't looking for a high end android phone then this might fit the bill. It served me well for almost a week using it constantly after minor surgery on my hand left me unable to type on my laptop or use a mouse. I could hower "hunt and peck" with my index or middle finger on the phone screen to type and scroll through pages and apps without pain. So in that regard it worked great as my laptop replacement. I got pretty fast at typing on this phone in standard/vertical mode. Still couldn't type in horizontal mode due to the location of my incisions (thumb area) but it didn't slow me down much. LOL

This phone has very limited usable memory (RAM not storage). The storage is fine for what I need it for. It has .9GB usable storage on the phone itself. The phone can handle up to a 32GB SD card and you can use the app App2SD to move some apps to the SD card to free up space on the internal storage. I was using that app and moved everything to storage that I could but then I had to format and reinstall the phone due to system errors (probably caused by me from rooting and using Titanium Backup to freeze some system apps). So I decided it wasn't worth keeping it rooted due to the fact that the bootloader is locked and you cannot put any custom ROM's on the phone. There are none available for this phone due to that fact. Eh, so it's no longer rooted. If I end up needing to root it again, I will but for now, it's a non issue.

Build quality 9/10 It's solid. I wish it had gorilla glass.
Reception 7/10 Inside my home near a major street I get minimal bars (1-3 generally) - mostly 1. Outside on main roads and in the big city near me i get full signal mostly.
Call quality 9/10 Even with one bar of signal strength the call quality is fine. No problems there.
Internet 6/10 Even in wifi with 21mbps internet here at home the wifi is quite slow. 3g is even slower. It's really annoying, though I guess that's just Sprint/VM's service. I get unlimited data and texting for $35 a month with 300 minutes so I can't complain too much. It's a great price for owning a smart phone these days!!
Multimedia 7/10 Multimedia like netflix works fine on wifi but I've only used it once via 3g. Youtube was super slow and buffered a lot during the video on 3g. So, pretty much unusable on 3g. Netflix works fine on wifi. Had a little bit of buffering with youtube the one one time I tried it on wifi.
Camera 2/10 Camra is abysmal. No autofocus or even touch to focus. It's just blurry and sad and not worth using. Plus you can't silence the loud shutter sound without rooting the phone or using a downloaded camera app that has that functionality.
UI speed 7/10 The stock launcher tends to be a little laggy at times. I installed Nova Launcher and love it! Plus I was able to remove the google search bar from the screen. Otherwise the phone does okay with one or two apps open but if you open more than that and are multitasking a lot the phone lags a lot and sometimes causes the phone to become unresponsive at times. It supposedly has 512 mb ram but you only have about 75 to 90mb ram available on a fresh boot, with no apps running. You really have about 36
Everyday usage 8/10 If you aren't looking for the top of the line android phones (which you will not find at Virgin Mobile) this phone works fine. It is usually pretty speedy does what is meant to do, surf the web, text, and make calls. I've not tried any games on this phone but I'm not much into games on any device. The games I like are puzzle games and games like sododu, etc. But for action games I'm sure this would not work well.
Text input 9/10 At first I used the slide out keyboard a lot. In fact that's the main reason I bought this phone, for the slide out keyboard. But the more I used it the more I hated it. It is difficult to open, it's very firm and the spring is strong. The keys are hard to press. I never use the slide out keyboard anymore. I only use the software/touch screen keyboard now. It's just so much easier.
Display 7/10 The display is IPS and the viewing angles are great but the screen resolution is poor for today's standards. The vibrancy of the screen is good though. It's just that many pictures, etc, even text tend to be blurry around the edges and pixelated. But it's not a dealbreaker unless you are used to the iphone's retina screen. If that is the case then yes you would hate this screen.
Battery 7/10 Battery is rather poor but just remember to close out apps you aren't using (touching the third button on the right on the bottom of the phone and flicking sideways the apps you aren't using closes them). I keep wifi on all the time at home and have not noticed a huge hit to battery life with it. I do not use Eco Mode. I had Juice Defender Ultimate on here but it kept turning off my 3g and wifi and I had to disable DJU and turn on airplane mode, then then it off to get service again. So so much


  • cost of the phone


  • locked boot loader
  • slow 3g and wifi
  • tends to get laggy if you have more than 2 or 3 apps open at once
  • limited RAM

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posted on 05 Apr 2013, 22:23 (Posts: 0; Member since: 05 Apr 2013)


I would rather a not smart phone

BenGsMom has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

I love they keyboard. Even with no reception I am able to watch movies without buffering. Games stop working, phone freezes and shuts off randomly. I have had this phone for 6 months and the battery life has progressively gotten worse. I had to get a second Rise all this activity has happened with both phones. The first one was corrupt. When making calls if they can hear me it sounds like I am under water. The phone destroyed my memory card. I think the only things I like about this phone are the keyboard and if it decides to run whatever apps I open whether it be one or 10 they all run at a decent speed and the phone is DURABLE.

Build quality 10/10 I drop my phone all the time not many scratches and no cracks.
Reception 6/10 Sometimes the phone says I have full reception and I drop calls.
Call quality 7/10 Echo
Internet 9/10 Even if I am roaming I am happy with the speed.
Multimedia 9/10 Videos play without buffering even without reception.
Camera 3/10 Very fuzzy. Delay when taking a pic. When taking a video the phones audio is delayed.
UI speed 7/10 If apps work they are at an acceptable speed.
Everyday usage 6/10 Does not always work. Freezes. Shuts off randomly.
Text input 7/10 Slow but accurate with keyboard. I do not use the touch screen to text unless I am using swipe and that is hit or miss.
Display 7/10 Cute. Small.
Battery 1/10 Battery barely lasts 2 hours.

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posted on 01 Jan 2013, 21:28 (Posts: 0; Member since: 01 Jan 2013)


my humble review of the kyocera rise

stratct has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

if your looking for an inexspensive smart phone, please do yourself a big favor and buy this. if you want a fast, powerful, good quality, up to date qwerty keyboard phone with Swype, android ICS, and a snapdragon processor at an insane price, this is perfect for you. if your looking for the best of the best, keep going.

Build quality 8/10 decent build quality but slide out kyboard is a tad wobbly
Reception 9/10 very good reception MOST of the time. over all there is one dead spot where i dont get anything at all
Call quality 10/10 cant complain. its crystal clear
Internet 9/10 its not 4G so i cant give it a 10 but its very fast thanks to snapdragon.
Multimedia 10/10 wonderfull. mostly thanks to Google's Android ICS 4.0.4
Camera 5/10 not very good at all. low quallity, laggy, no front facing camera, and no autofocus.
UI speed 10/10 exelent. but not the top of the line.
Everyday usage 10/10 fantastic for me. very little lag and great battery life.
Text input 9/10 Swype is the best. but the qwerty is decent too
Display 8/10 not the best... not at all. but somehow it looks better than what it actually has
Battery 10/10 wow. absolutly fantastic with heavy use. a day without charging? how about 2?


  • increadbly inexpensive
  • better than specs screen
  • great internet speeds
  • amazing battery life
  • good processor
  • android 4.0.4
  • good build quality
  • qwerty keyboard
  • swype


  • could see a better camera
  • meh display
  • single core processor

stratct alternatives:

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posted on 26 Sep 2012, 17:18 (Posts: 0; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)


kyocera rise from virgin mobile

moman has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

I was tired of paying Sprint for my EVO, after some investigation I went with Virgin Mobile. I text more than talk, so I preferred a keyboard. Now I use sprints network for less than half the cost.
The phone is great, screen and camera are the only wishes. But, I knew that in advance. If it had a 5mp cam and higher res screen, would be perfect.
Buy this one!!!

Build quality 10/10 solid good contruction
Reception 10/10 as good as if not better than my EVO
Call quality 10/10 as I said clean and clear, better than my EVO
Internet 10/10 havent noticed any problems
Multimedia 9/10 n/a not a game player
Camera 6/10 leaving my EVO to a 3.2mp, it is what it is
UI speed 7/10 I would call it sluggish, but remember, I had the EVO
Everyday usage 10/10 perfect
Text input 9/10 my hands are large, the keyboard is great, but the upper row catches my thumbs from time to time.
Display 7/10 lower resolution, but fine for me
Battery 10/10 lasts and lasts and love the eco mode


  • keyboard
  • ics
  • good size, not too big or heavy


  • really only the camera, would have like 5mp

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