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AbhishekTripathi posted on Aug 29, 2010, 1:23 PM


HTC Touch after 2 years of use

Using it for past over 2 years. This was my first smart phone and I absolutely loved it. It was unreliable at times but overall nothing much to complain about. Rebooting occasionally kept it on track. Slowly the touch sensivity started loosing out in one corner (near start button in vertical mode) around 8 months back from now. Then gradually same started happening on the other side around 6 months ago from now. Now, the touch sensitivity seems to have gone completely and I am unable to dial the numbers. Have to buy a new phone soon.
Lesson learnt: Never have a phone without physical keyboard.


  • Nice design
  • Lot of cool apps


  • Hardware is outdated
  • No support for ROM upgrade
  • No physical keyboard
  • Touch sensitivity of screen is bound to be lost after an year or two.

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Jordan Hill posted on Feb 06, 2010, 5:18 PM


worst phone of the ceniury

i got one of these phones just over 2 years ago and has been through 7 phones. It freezes quite frequantly and has an incredibly short battery life. If i dont touch it all day the battery will last maybe 13 hours and if i even call a couple people and send a couple text messages the battery might last4-6 hours tops. For suppost to be a smart phone itès not so smart. you think a phone like this you think long battery life cause youll want to use it for the internet

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Alex Wiedzmin posted on Jan 12, 2010, 8:22 PM


Beautiful but unreliable

Yet another prime example of the excellent work by HTC's design team, which unfortunately suffers from all the shortcomings of the Windows Mobile 6. Great form-factor, solid feel and excellent screen of the device, suffer greatly from the software ROm that is running on it (I have ran Google Android ROM on it, and although I was unable to get stable data connection with it, the functionality of the device was amazing for those few short days).

I have used two of these devices (had to RMA one after 3 months due to failed radio) extensively for over a year and even after the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM it has been unresponsive, unreliable and buggy. Luckily a small pin-hole reset button is included on the bottom-right corner of the device, or it would have been unbearable. At times, especially after running for a while, device would get so laggy that it would take 1-2 seconds for each keypad button to "press" when dialing a phone number (and this is with all applications/tasks ended through task manager). This could definitely use some more processing power and memory.

In the end all hardware buttons (including the hard reset button) stopped functioning a few months after my warranty ran out forcing me to switch.


  • - Great design
  • - Very solid build
  • - Good screen
  • - Highly customizable


  • - Unreliable
  • - Slow
  • - Terrible camera
  • - Flaky circuitry

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Lucia posted on Oct 20, 2009, 10:34 AM


Loves it!

This my first PDA phone, and I really like it. It has everything and more... The only con I have found so far are:If you choose an MP3 song as SMS ringtone, you can't stop the song when you open the message. I mean, you open the message and it keeps going until the entire song is over, therefore, you HAVE to choose short ringtones or cut your song short. I have looked for a solution to this everywhere and found nothing so far.This sucks because sometimes if you're ina  loud place, or in a situation where it takes a while until you hear your phone ringing, having a short ringtone doesn't help. But if you make it too long, it's a pain in the neck to have to listen to the whole thing every time you get a message, if you're like, right next to your phone all the time.Everything else... GREAT. Windows Mobile is awesome. The features are easy to use. And the design is very cool.

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summer posted on Mar 07, 2008, 11:13 PM



This is the best PPC phone I have considering the past few I own are huge like bricks. Have been very happy with it since I own it (about 3 months now). It comes with the Chinese Text Software which makes it very convenient. The entire package is so attractive, and there are some options to the colour to select from too! The white one is so beautiful and lovely... in fact it is such a great PPC phone that I bought another recently for my sister.

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hh posted on Jan 12, 2008, 12:30 PM


htc touch

its awasome ................. i am using it for the past one month ............. its too good in all the features ............... but if it has a key pad it would asdded more attraction

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anthony posted on Jan 07, 2008, 4:15 PM


htc touch

on the htc touch are you able to access videos on utube using your wifi?

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Josh posted on Sep 26, 2007, 4:52 PM


This is a fantastic phone

I bought this phone 2 weeks ago. Loved it so far. Been through every details on this phone and so far the only few cons I have seen:
1. My LCD crystal is more liquid on one corner.
2. The green / red buttons are very small, but accessable.
3. when I slip the phone in my pocket, i accidently push the power button, switches the phoone on.


Everything else!

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David posted on Jul 20, 2007, 11:42 AM


The HTC Touch

Fantastic little phone! The last PDA phone I had was an i-mate JAM, after the internal ariel packed up, I simply used it for solitare, then this little beauty came along. Excellent, all the fun of WM6 with added extras and the touchflo and menu system only take a short while to get used to. I'd very much recommend this phone, HTC have done a very good job overall. The issue with the keyboard is the standard one with PDA's where you have to use a stylus and be very accurate when tapping, but for longer text imput I got myself a BT keyboard...simple as.

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abjeroen posted on Jun 07, 2007, 2:29 PM


almost the greatest phone.

I must say, it almost is the best phone I'm looking for. I love the whole touchscreen thing and I certainly love the new cube interface.

But, as always with handy smart phones today there's a downside. The text input is quite nasty. You can popup a qwerty keyboard, which you can´t use with your vingers, simply because the keyboard hitpoints are to small. There is a larger version installed on the phone, but that one doesn´t function like i´ts suppoed to. There is to litte textspace left.

I would love the phone if it had writing recognition! In the overall it really gives a new and fresh design to a Windows Mobile interface, but unfortunately I´m still not satisfied :)

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