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Chris posted on Feb 29, 2008, 10:07 AM


Sleek, small, high powered, and feature packed

Wow, this is an amazing phone. Like the previous reviewer said it is similar to the TytnII (AT&T Tilt), but it lacks a keyboad and makes up for it in many many ways.
Design is phenomanal; the gallery picture isn't the most accurate, as the grey trim is much darker and can be described as a smoked black reflective material. And this phone is small!!! It feels so compact, very similar dimensions and proportions to the Blackberry Pearl (the small Blackberry).
As far as features, it packs the standard features like the TytnII and some extras. Extras include a flush screen that is optimized for Touch Flow, HTC's custom launcher/GUI extension to Windows Mobile. Another extra is FM Radio, that can unfortunately only be used with wired headphones. The standard features, such as GPS, 400mhz processor, WiFi, and bluetooth all work very well.
Pair this phone up with MS Voice Commander and its an ultimate powerhouse in a really cool package.

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MBA posted on Nov 14, 2007, 6:54 AM


Same as Tytn II

This mobile carries the same features of Tytn II except two extra things, the fm radio and touch cube feature. It lacks keyboard but it is lighter than Tytn II

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