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dnouk posted on Aug 25, 2006, 11:34 AM



I have just recieved this handset from my carrier in the uk (Orange) and have had it a couple of days now. I just cant stop playing with it! Its Fantastic! Ive wanted a PDAPhone for a while... but ive been waiting for something to really catch my eye. Reason being is friends have various different models of PDAphones (all windows based) and none of them did it 100% for me... some were sluggish, some were bulky and some just were.... plain ugly!
The small form factor is what grabbed my attention at first, and its sleek matt black finish. I then began to explore its functions... the speed of the device is much faster than similar devices I have had the opportunity to play about with... the battery life is good (better than my Motorola V3 Razr!!!!) and it is surprisingly light too! The 2MP camera is good although I really do wish it had a flash :( but hey ho cant have it all!
All in all a fantastic little piece of kit!

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beben posted on Jun 29, 2006, 4:02 AM


Qtek sound is hawfull :(

I'm very disappointed by the qtek S200 sound quality the hear speaker is very poor and having a conversation in the street is simply a nightmare :( And worse is the external speaker which is not even usable for GPS navigation :( So if you really like this machine stick up with a bluetooth headset all day long ... :-( than inscredible to sell such an expensive ans technologic product which such a poor sound quality :-(... also wifi/bluetooth bandwith is a little bit narrow(2Mb/s wifi and 19Ko/s bluetooth)

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