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HTC Desire 601 User Reviews

7.5 Based on 2 Reviews

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Call quality8/10
Build quality8/10
Text input9/10
Everyday usage6/10
UI speed9/10

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posted on 10 Jan 2014, 21:13 (Posts: 0; Member since: 10 Jan 2014)


Should have compared price to performance

FamilyMan has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

I know a lot of people are going to ask how can you give an HTC such low numbers, well its because it scores low for price compared to hardware of other phones in its class. The Desire, Galaxy S3, and Supreme are the most expensive phones Virgin Mobile has to offer. For the price of the Desire it doesn't perform any better than the Victory, and its the same price as the Supreme, but gets outdone by the Supreme in every category. If this device was the same price as the Victory then I would score it higher, but as of right now the Desire and the Supreme are both priced at $249.99, the Victory is priced at $149.99, and the S3 is $349.99. While I don't believe the S3 is $100 better than the Supreme, the Desire isn't worth $100 more than the Victory, and isn't worth the same as the Supreme when the Supreme has better stats in every category. I should have never bought this phone from Radio Shack, but will be returning it and ordering a Supreme instead. The phone is of good quality and what it has works fine, however it is overpriced compared to other quality phones of its price range. With that in mind I took points off in every category as it is overpriced for its options.

Build quality 7/10 Its an HTC, so of course its built good, but they should have put better components in it for its price (ie bigger and better screen, camera, ect)
Reception 7/10 Reception is average for Sprints network, which I hope is being upgraded.
Call quality 6/10 Calls seem a little hollow with a slight echo.
Internet 10/10 4G LTE, couldn't take points off for this, Sprint is great in my area, and the 4G speeds are awesome
Multimedia 8/10 Took 2 points off for small screen and poorer resolution than the other phones of its price class. The Speakers are awesome.
Camera 1/10 A $250 phone with only a 5MP camera, when the Supreme at the same price has a 13MP camera???? Really HTC, you think highly of yourselves....
UI speed 8/10 Dual core 1.4 GHz, but the other phones of its price class are Dual Core 1.5GHz HTC again cheaped out but still put the premium price on it.
Everyday usage 2/10 The build quality is good, the speakers are awesome, but day in and day out if I kept this phone I would feel like a fool for spending so much for a phone that just doesn't have the specs it should.
Text input 9/10 Very responsive touch screen, took a point off because the screen is small and would be easier if HTC didn't cheap out and would have put a better screen on it.
Display 2/10 Display is much smaller than the other 2 phones in its price class (the S3 and Supreme) and it is also of lower resolution than its price range competitors.
Battery 7/10 Batter is of average size, and much smaller than the Supreme.


  • HTC label on it, quality build


  • Small low resolution screen compared to S3 and Supreme
  • only 5MP camera compared to 13MP of the Supreme at the same price
  • small battery
  • lesser 1.4 GHz processor while others in its price class boast 1.5GHz

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posted on 06 Jan 2014, 04:56 (Posts: 0; Member since: 06 Jan 2014)


HTC desire 601 userreview

pixelmester.hu has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

This is the ideal smarthphone for me.
It's elegant, light and fast. It has nice sound quality.
I use this phone for navigation (Waze), music, Gmail, Youtube, ebay, photoshooting, browsing the net.
my accessories: Plantronics M55 (bluetooth headset) and Exogear Exomount Touch (car holder).

my previous phone: iPhone 3Gs

Build quality 9/10
Reception 10/10
Call quality 10/10
Internet 10/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 8/10
UI speed 10/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 9/10
Display 9/10
Battery 8/10


  • Design


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