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postmate posted on Aug 24, 2005, 7:48 AM


Good Buy

Was looking for something with wireless and satelite navigation. It was quite an all in one package. Have had to reset it a couple of times. In all a good buy.

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ReyNet posted on May 28, 2005, 1:26 PM



I got four of these phones for the office, and they work great. I would say that I am very much satisfy with the features this gadget has.
However, less than tree month of use, and one of the phones' battery went bad, and it is almost impossible to find where to buy another replacement battery. Cingular and Siemens customer support haven't been great.
In addition, one of the phone bluthooth system stop working within the first four weeks of use. Again, tech support ask you to take the unit to the store, and the stor ask you to contact the manufacturesr.

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RobPecor posted on Feb 08, 2005, 1:44 PM


More than I thought I was getting

I just received the phone via the telephone sales for Cingular. The phone is not in any stores, nor is it available online. 866-Cingular

This phone has it all. Now, if they could all work perfectly.

Cons: Bluetooth using 1.0 stack. Buggy. Looking for an update (if anyone knows how to get 1.1, please Email)

Wireless - Works phenominally when connecting to a netowrk with a single WAP. I have 3 WAPs in my house, and it seems to get confused when I get near different ones.

Pros: For you network geeks out there, I was happily surprised with 2 features I did not know of:
1. Network browsing: When connected to a network (i.e. WiFi), I can browse my network, just as if from a pc, i.e. using IE, open \\NetworkName\Share. However, one caveat is that you can't open music files from the shared folder. However, I installed PocketLAN which has a mount type feature, then I can play directly.
2. Remote Desktop - Works great. Lots of scrolling from the smaller screen, however is great to contact remote machines to launch scripts.

The display is beautiful. I like the qwerty keyboard, a bit small, but it is very functional.

Well worth the $500.

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Vegascaptain posted on Jan 14, 2005, 9:24 PM


Pretty darn good

It took me a while to get used to the SX66, but it has some great qualities. I was going to return my Christmas present because it cost so much. But after using it for a week, I couldn't part with it. So here are the Pros and Cons.

The Pros:
I can use it to connect to the internet from my wireless home network or Cingular. It integrates well with MS Outlook, and has a great screen. I can use Outlook to make calls. Has a great calendar. Great MP3 player with great quality. Expandable SD memory slot.

The Cons:
The speakerphone is not very loud. The unit has locked up a few times already, but resetting it has not affected any of the programs I loaded onto it, or any of my stored information. Uses Explorer 4.0, so no support for pages that require upper echelons of Explorer. The alarm is not loud and seems to only ring once. Won't hold many (9) MP3's in the original memory. And....My wife dropped the unit and broke the LED screen, so it is on it's way to get repaired. I will let you know how much that's going to cost later. Expensive.

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Zubin posted on Dec 26, 2004, 3:49 AM


Poor Sound / a bit buggy

Speakerphone is very quiet, crank the volume then its tinny and crackly. Device has locked up on us several times so far, luckily the stylus fits into the reset slot so rebooting your phone isn't to tough. Screen will go black while you are on a call, not dim(ie no backlight), actually turns off. Tapping and using shortcut keys does nothing, onlything that brought it back to life was the volume up down toggle on the side, that's intuitive!

Phone ran out of memory while watching a 300kbps movie trailer featured on the MS Media 9 website. Device prompted you to go to setting/memory/stop programs to free up the memory. Catch 22 though, we got a pop-up error that there was not sufficient memory to run the memory program to identify and stop the running process. Again see reboting with your stylus...

Luckily resetting the device does not seem to blow out your stored data, email account settings etc...

Connecting to a wiFI network isn't exactly seamless, took about 4 - 5 tries to get it to recognize, you neet to turn on the service, hit ok, then it scans and shows the available network as it closes the window.

No apparent support for multiple browser windows. Strange behavior if you navigate to a main site, are directed to a popup, switch to another function (mail, or contacts, or phone) when you hit hte shortcut back to internet it takes you to the original parent site, not the child popup window and you have to start all over again...

All in all nice looking...  

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