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Ike Hasson
posted on 04 Sep 2004, 15:05



Well I finaly got mine and thought that I could now give my Treo 600 a rest. Not for long!
The Ipaq is nice but getting it configured was impossible without subscribing to the T-Mobile internet package for another $19.99 per month. Simple GPRS will not do the trick. The Treo held the advantage here. The unit needs 2 hands to operate, unlike the Treo. I like the screen size but could have used a little less and gave up the use of the 2nd hand. Not ideal when driving..forget it!
The WiFi and GPRS was a sinch once T-Mobile had activated the service. Setting up everything to connect was a pleasure and here the Treo falls a little short. I have not yet started using the bluetooth but will tackle this next week (locked in due to Hurricane Frances!) as I have the HBC-30 Bluetooth carkit (Ericsson) installed. I am sure this will be fine. The other thing I was not happy with was the volume (too low) and the fit of the headspeaker was not the most ideal. You have to shift the unit around a little until you get it right and with the low volume level this gets getting used to. All in all I have no regrets and will take this when I travel but I will have the Treo600 close by!

Design 8/10
Features 8/10
Sound Quality 6/10
Signal Strength 7/10
Value for money 6/10

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