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HP Veer 4G User Reviews

4 Based on 2 Reviews

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UI speed5/10
Call quality5.5/10
Build quality6/10
Text input1/10
Everyday usage4.5/10


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posted on 04 Nov 2015, 11:37 (Posts: 1; Member since: 25 Oct 2015)


I am tired using this

Centuries has owned it for more than one year before publishing this review

This is such a small screen that I can't even read anything instead it is too pixelized too. I want a better iPhone such as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but this is kind of a disaster, and camera is very limited, except for geo tagging.

Build quality 4/10
Reception 2/10
Call quality 3/10
Internet 2/10
Multimedia 2/10
Camera 1/10
UI speed 2/10
Everyday usage 1/10
Text input 1/10
Display 2/10
Battery 1/10


  • Fits in pocket
  • QWERTY Keyboard


  • Too small
  • Useless Camera
  • No Flash
  • Slow Internet

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posted on 02 Jun 2011, 14:19 (Posts: 5; Member since: 02 Jun 2011)


I already pulled my SIM and put it in another phone (3 wks in)

c01jacj1 has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

It does what it says, but I hate it personally. You cant customize it to do what you personally need it to do. Applications are few, but I only use a few any way, and apps are available. "Just type it" is great, but typing is difficult with the small cramped keypad. I'm not opposed to small phones, but this is way too small for me personally. Every day I used it, if found myself saying, "I hate this phone!", at least once. Also u need an adapter to use earbuds.. being that it's held on magnetically, I lost it within the first few days. Speaker isn't very loud either..

Build quality 8/10
Reception 9/10
Call quality 8/10
Internet 7/10
Multimedia 4/10
Camera 5/10
UI speed 8/10
Everyday usage 8/10
Text input 1/10
Display 3/10
Battery 9/10


  • Small
  • Responsive
  • Manages Tasks Well


  • Small
  • Hard to text
  • Non-Standard Charger / USB

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