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Cricket EZ User Reviews

3.8 Based on 9 Reviews

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Call quality1/10
Build quality1/10
Text input4/10
Everyday usage1/10
UI speed1/10

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posted on 01 Feb 2011, 17:29


A Cheap Turd

Darren has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

I only had this phone for a couple hours, before I ended up returning it. It was the worst waste of $100 I have ever spent. Thank God it is 2011 and not back in 2007, because I could never deal with a phone like that. A Cricket rep asked me if I was going to come back to them, and I told him "Not on your nellie!"

Build quality 1/10 It feels flimsy.
Reception 2/10 Works when it wants to.
Call quality 1/10 It sounds mumbled.
Internet 1/10 No Internet.
Multimedia 1/10 No ringtones, nor is there any access to any ringtones.
Camera 1/10 No Camera
UI speed 1/10
Everyday usage 1/10 The battery dies quickly
Text input 4/10 Not really text friendly.
Display 1/10 Too small
Battery 2/10 If you ever overcharge it, you are short.


  • Cricket's $25 plan


  • Low battery life
  • Horrid reception
  • No camera
  • Flimsy
  • Small screen

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posted on 04 Aug 2009, 00:55


ez phone is cool

this is a good phone. but it is depending on a person's preferences. for people who just need phones to stay in touch with people while they are at work and check up on things it is a great phone. but for technology junkies and people who love to have a computer mp3 player camera and all that in one then this phone would basically suck. phone carriers should make hi-tech phones and basic phones, because not everyone cares about luxurious all in one phones. think about the name, its called EZ(AS IN EASY) PHONE

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 10/10

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posted on 15 May 2009, 13:40


not a bad phone

i actually like this lil phone / ive dropped it many times on concret / woodfloors and even in a puddle once and itr still works / but then again im not a text junkie / or do i care what the ringtone is or what wallpapper it has / but as i said  its a good solid phone / besides it u want to email / text / or surf the web get a puter

Design 8/10
Features 5/10
Performance 10/10

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Becca Babe
posted on 12 Jan 2009, 00:15


Ehhhh..... its okay

It had been a while since I had a cell phone, and when I moved to Texas with my aunt and uncle they had to buy me a phone for contacting them when I was at school, just emergency stuff. But one thing I insisted on is unlimited text, so we found cricket eventually, la la da da.
 I was so excited when I got it home. It truley looks like an awsome phone, but I was soon sure that it wasnt. This phone is completley dull and there is just nothing to do with it to personalize it. You cannot take pictures with it, so that gives up making your own wallpapers, nor does it give you the option to order them online. The wall papers are... oh as soon as I was going to check it just froze and turned off. Nice. Anyhow the wallpapers are... some glass blocks, metal leaves, Cricket logo, 2 flower things, a blue wave thing, a pink wave thing, a blowfish (thats the one I use) green wave thing, planets, and that would be it. Oh, and the banner feature can barley fit my name and it's Becca. Nice, eh? The ringtones have a good selection, but u have to use the ones that come w/ the phone, because of course you cant buy any and there is no recorder. So your stuck with weird nursery rhyme melodies. I just have a boring ring for mine, I cant stand the rest of them. For texting I just have it beep, seeing as there is NO VIBRATE option. Its horribly annoying, because if your shopping and its in your pocket alot of times you wont hear the melody/beep and u miss out. ANNOYING. But speaking of texting......  

Design 6/10
Features 1/10
Performance 3/10


  • Doesnt break easy
  • Affordable
  • Not too ugly
  • Easy to use


  • No features
  • Dull
  • Performance issues
  • Lame buttons

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posted on 06 Nov 2008, 15:48


EZ - Cricket Killer

Ok folks,
I live on a budget and so I went for the EZ phone because of it's affordability. I even disregarded the sales reps advice; because I've come to see that any Cricket store reps try to squeeze more money from you with a "Well this phone is better" bit.
The biggest bit of advice I can give any of you is: Do your homework and review Cricket's low end phones online before you make any purchases!!
So for those of you that didn't take heed to my ealier advice this is what you get. You get a small phone that is so flimsy you could break it by giving it a dirty look, navigation buttons so small that thier a BITCH to use, three manuals of reading material that become very confusing or downright pointless, and a plug that lights up..........OOOOOOHH!! The only real highpoint to the phone was the fact that it had 30+ ringtones pre-installed, that sounded like a combination of a musical stuffed animal and fingernails on a chalkboard. Oh the last and most important thing is that fine print label afixed to the back of the phone that states: "do not hold, internal antenna."
After reading several reviews because I had a gut-feeling this phone was bad; I was lucky enough to get my money refunded. I'm not sure all Cricket dealerships are the same; mine has a thirty day or thirty minute usage time that voids a refund. The staff said "You've used the phone three hours and six minutes" when in actuality I made one call that lasted about thirty seconds and I was lucky to be out of a Cricket...  

Design 1/10
Features 1/10
Performance 1/10


  • The online reviews from others, the fact that I was able to get a refund


  • To many confusing button options, tiny navigation buttons, poor design and antenna placement.

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John Pissedoff
posted on 22 Sep 2008, 12:42


This phone is seriously a piece of junk. it was the cheapest they had after I lost my last one (at 100+ dollars) and you unfortunately dont even get what you pay for. Just after the 90 warranty period the earpiece BLARES like a speakerphone. When I called asking how to turn this speakerphone option off, they said it doesnt have a speakerphone, was thus broken, and I cannot change this ear-damaging level of volume and would have to purchase yet another phone. I am disappointed that any company would even sell such a defective product, it seems like a scheme that they would break just after the warranty period to get more money out of you. I am unhappy with both cricket and their cheap junk phones.

Design 3/10
Features 2/10
Performance 1/10


  • Used to work


  • lack of features, lack of quality, lack of reliability, just trust me dont buy this phone. You'll save money NOT buying it so you wont have to replace it.

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Nadia Canales
posted on 22 Aug 2008, 13:25


Cheapest Stuff For Cheapest Price

I Currently Have The Cricket Ez Phone And In All Honesty It Is THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY. It Is Over Complicated And Useless.
I Live In San Antonio Texas And I Cant Even Get Text Messages In My Own Home!! The Basic Plan For Cricket Provides You With Unlimitied Calling Texting And Picture Messaging; The Picture Messaging Is Pointless. They're Cheapest Phone And Cheapest Plan Should Go Hand In Hand. Well With This Phone You Can't Mass Text So Unless You Plan On Texting People One At A Time Dont Buy This Phone.
If You Plan On Using This For Calls Think Again This Phone Has No Speaker Nor Call Waiting And No Internet Connection For Ringtones. Plus You Cant Touch The Back Of The Phone Because It Clearly States If You Touch The Back Of The Phone While It Is In Use You Cannot Get A Signal. This Phone Is The Biggest Waste Of Money And In All Honesty Is A Worthless Piece Of Crap...
I Encourage You To NOT BUY IT.

Design 1/10
Features 1/10
Sound Quality 3/10
Signal Strength 1/10
Value for money 1/10

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Eric Wankum
posted on 18 Feb 2008, 17:14


EZ Junk

Bought this phone and it died within 24 hours. Cricket would not refund our money and wanted to charge us 10$ for shipping phone back to manufacturer. I wont deal with Cricket or own an EZ. EZ's are Junk!

Design 1/10
Features 3/10
Sound Quality 3/10
Signal Strength 2/10
Value for money 1/10

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posted on 08 Feb 2008, 09:56



think as a disposable phone think phone has 3 month warranty..

Design 10/10
Features 1/10
Sound Quality 5/10
Signal Strength 5/10
Value for money 10/10

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