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Rizan posted on Mar 01, 2010, 4:24 PM



I’m confused. I bought a ACER F900 a week ago from Sharaf DG @ time Square in Dubai. The battery dies in 24 Hrs with just 10min of talk time and accessing the screen 15 times for contacts or for word documents (45min) max. And my active sinc can not be stopped. Every time I stop it, automatically starts again, and it shows up on the task manager with 524 kb memory usage after 10 min. I took it to the DG help centre, nothing happened. And I thought I can make 3G video calls, but when I asked the virgin shop at Mall of Emirates they told me that it does not have the function. So I have this phone which I can’t get anyone to get the active Sinc program  to stop + No 3G video call settings and a low battery life. And I keep reading that I should have 3G video and a good battery life. If anyone can help???

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Aimee posted on Nov 03, 2009, 2:45 PM


Acer f900 cool

Great screen 3.8 inches.Movies never look this good with free pockettv player Installed.Easy keyboard is responsive and clear calls.Camera is ok but with lots of feature and effect.Surfing the web is a breeze with big screen  and touch scrolling.For $88 dollars with contract i guess this is my greatest catch.Only if the RAM can be increased would be better.Cheers..Aimee


  • big sreen,fast bluetooth transfer,easy keyboard,fast internet download.


  • low ram,no 3.5mm connector.

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