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HTC Desire 510 User Reviews

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Build quality1/10
Text input1/10
Everyday usage1/10
UI speed1/10
Call quality1/10

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posted on 09 Oct 2015, 17:04 (Posts: 0; Member since: 09 Oct 2015)


The People Need to Know.

JasonFunderberker has owned it for more than one year before publishing this review

I created an account just to write this review. This phone is incredible. When it's cold out or you haven't used it in a while you have to warm it up before the screen will work. If the screen is not the exact right temperature it will acknowledge your breathing, blinking and a breeze as someone touching the screen. Simply turning the phone on fills up it's minuscule storage space. The camera is a feat all it's own, with no focus and no flash. Having to actually type all this out is causing me pain and anger at the fact that the damn thing is sitting next to me right now.

Build quality 1/10
Reception 1/10
Call quality 1/10
Internet 1/10
Multimedia 1/10
Camera 1/10
UI speed 1/10
Everyday usage 1/10
Text input 1/10
Display 1/10
Battery 1/10


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