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Asus ZenFone 5 User Reviews

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Build quality6/10
Text input8/10
Everyday usage7/10
UI speed7/10
Call quality6/10

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posted on 21 Dec 2014, 00:42 (Posts: 0; Member since: 20 Dec 2014)


A winner of a smartphone at its price band and specs

VicMan has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

I have explained in detail against each section how and why I have awarded the score. To sum it up though I would say that a higher capacity battery and better speakerphone could have earned it a perfect 10.
For those who are looking to crash benchmark records you ought to be looking at the hot phones section!

Build quality 10/10 The phone is light and easy to hold, has very aesthetically designed edges which make the phone sit right between your fingers. The body with a slight rubbery feel, though obviously sport the fancy metallic finish of high end flagships, manages to outshine most phones in it's price range.
Reception 9/10 My first experience with signal reception was not a happy one. The wifi kept disconnecting every several minutes and the data signal seemed to manage to clock only 3G/H when other phones on the same operator were seamlessly giving me a constant H+ signal. Thankfully after a major update to the firmware which also included upgrade to KitKat from JellyBean (which the phone came preloaded with), things fell in to place perfectly well. I can't quite think of HOW wifi reception would be better on one
Call quality 4/10 Now THIS is a contentious area for me to write on. Firstly because I am yet to establish if it is the earpiece or IF it is the call quality in terms of the voice signal, though I am most inclined to go with the earpiece bit - the call quality is bad - something which is further validated by the fact that even voip which are over wifi internet sound just as bad.
Internet 9/10 I guess I have already explained the in the 'reception' bit regarding the internet connectivity, but yes to put it down again, internet speeds and connectivity is TRULY good. There is almost instant switch over between wifi and mobile data whenever I am on the go be it work or at home. More importantly data internet does not seem to drain the battery as badly as it does on other phones I use, such as Samsung duos.
Multimedia 4/10 I am DEFINITELY not the only one who would have to give the phone poor score in the multimedia section given the quality of the speakerphone is POOR, and that is mainly on account of rather dull max sound volume and more importantly the sound quality being flat and lacking depth.
Camera 8/10 What's good: HDR mode wins hands down over other similarly priced phones which may be sporting competitive hardware but can not deliver the range of colors this one does. Focus speed in auto-face-detect mode is OKish, but if you are up for anything other than taking pics of your friends in a well lit room, you may feel disappointed with the focus speeds. The camera takes a while to start and would take a few seconds at times for the first shot to click through. The image processor is not as stro
UI speed 10/10 The 2 gigs of RAM ensure perfectly smooth transitions and user interface speeds, combined with the fact that the phone also houses a smart and powerful processor. Even with resource intensive games such as asphalt 8, the latency is minimal and hardly noticeable.
Everyday usage 10/10 Just about sums up the efficiency of the phone - it is a seriously good phone for everyday use, considering we are talking about moderate voice usage and not intensive mobile data usage. Charging the battery does not take too long but once done, it would take a fair amount of usage to plummet down to when the battery app manager starts popping up warnings. It is light, handy and easy to use.
Text input 10/10 The ZenUI ASUS text input can certainly not match up to the speediness, accuracy or the interface of more popular apps such as Swype or TouchPal but it does a fairly good job. Using swype on the phone is a breeze, the touch sensitivity and precision of input and placement of the keypad due to the lower metallic bezel width makes for convenient and non-tiring texting experience. Also, the rich contrasts and color range make the keys on any input app to appear very distinctly, which is a definite
Display 9/10 720p for a 5 inch screen packs in good pixel density for a phone of its price band. Asus has a very well calibrated display and the brightness at max makes just about matches the sunlight visibility of AMOLED screen flagship phones. Aliasing is not visible though I have not tested it to check if fonts rasterize as smoothly when across all display modes. The 'reading' mode which is just a swipe-down away makes reading text really easy on the eyes.
Battery 4/10 A phone with its apparent specs and hardware should have been done justice to a better capacity battery. If you manage to forget charging the ZF5 before you leave for a few hours of continuous use, you would soon enter the battery alarm zone, which would push you to eventually skimp on data usage, and not dare turning on location reporting. Asus should have made battery replaceable/removable for such rather meagre capacity.

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posted on 14 Dec 2014, 06:54 (Posts: 0; Member since: 14 Dec 2014)


Below average Phone.

franzmel has owned it for less than year before publishing this review

Been using this phone for almost a 4 months and planning to sell it. One major problem was the battery, Im surprised that asus only put a 2kmah battery to a 5" and 32nm processor phone, it doesnt make sense!

Anything else is below average. Only good thing is the display and the camera.

Build quality 2/10
Reception 6/10
Call quality 8/10
Internet 7/10
Multimedia 8/10
Camera 7/10
UI speed 4/10
Everyday usage 4/10
Text input 6/10
Display 8/10
Battery 1/10



  • Below average battery
  • Build quality is poor
  • Below average speaker

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