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iTech VoiceClip 609 Bluetooth Headset Review

Posted: , by Nick T.



Pairing the VoiceClip 609 with a cellphone was as easy as we expected. This particular i.Tech model is marketed as designed to work exceptionally well with the iPhone 4 so we tested it with one for a couple of days to see how it would perform. Unfortunately, the sound quality failed to impress us because the earpiece tended to crackle a bit too much. Literally, the device sounded a lot more like a walkie talkie set rather than a proper Bluetooth hands-free. We also noticed that the other party was a bit hard to understand from time to time even with the volume adjusted to the maximum. At least the microphone, which is located on the clip and not along the earphone's wire, picked our voice clearly and the background sounds were minimized, probably by the software noise reduction feature of the device. The battery of the VoiceClip 609 is capable of delivering over five hours of talk time on a full load, which should be enough to last you throughout the day. If you leave the device in stand-by mode, it will take about 140 hours before the battery gets completely drained.

iTech VoiceClip 609 Bluetooth Headset Review
iTech VoiceClip 609 Bluetooth Headset Review
iTech VoiceClip 609 Bluetooth Headset Review


Overall, the most probable reason for one to like the i.Tech VoiceClip 609 is the fact that it does not require you to have it attached to your ear constantly even when it is not in use. Another advantage of this particular device is that it comes quite cheap – it retails for as low as $33, which makes it quite affordable. On the other hand, you get what you pay for so you should not be expecting anything exceptional in terms of features or performance from it. We would only recommend the VoiceClip 609 if you really cannot stand the common Bluetooth devices with over-the-ear design and if your budget is limited.


  • No need to have it attached to your ear all the time
  • Cheap


  • Inconvenient buttons
  • Mediocre sound
  • The clip is not comfortable to use with lighter types of clothing
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