i-mate Ultimate 8150 Review


The results from SPB Benchmark and the tests are quite surprising– although i-mate 8150 and 6150 have absolutely identical specifications they perform rather differently in some aspects. On paper, the results are decent, without seriously falling behind compared to the other models of its class. Unfortunately, in everyday heavy use, the slow speed with which the applications start is very annoying.

There is no need to mention that for a business phone, the sound quality during a talk is very important. In this very aspect, the device performed terribly. The sound is loud but painfully sharp and sometimes hard to understand anything. At the other end of the line the voices are heard quite monotonous but overall readable.

The bad sound quality makes the loudspeaker useless too.

According to the official data supplied by the manufacturer, the battery has to be able to provide 4 hours of talks or 6 days in standby mode, which is not much for such a device.


You should only buy i-mate 8150 in case that it is imperative for you to have a device, able to connect to a monitor/projector for playing presentations or if you are used to working with a hardware keyboard. Unfortunately, those two elements of the phone are disappointing. The buttons are not comfortable and annoying, and the outdated method for document viewing (same in 6150) will make you give up on the idea of making presentations with the help of your phone. Let’s not forget that on top of everything we have bad sound quality.

Unfortunately, if you care about the monitor connection, there are no other quality alternatives on the market at present. As far as Windows Mobile devices with a regular hardware keyboard go, we prefer HP iPAQ 614, because of its high operating speed.


  • Reliable
  • VGA display
  • Global 3G phone


  • Hard to use without a stylus
  • Bulky size and shape, making it hard to use during a talk

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