i-mate JAQ3 Preview

i-mate JAQ3 is PocketPC phone with landscape QVGA touch display and full QWERTY keyboard. The display is nothing interesting, but the keypad is easy to use although the keys are relatevely small. We are happy to find shortcut keys, JOG dial and WiFi here
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1. fred unregistered

What a coincedence!!! My 1st JAQ3 was defective as well... so was the 2nd one that gave me! My strong advice is "Don't buy this phone!" I have had tremendous problems with it. The phone constantly get "stuck" and cannot make or receive calls. THe worst part is, you cannot know that it's stuck unless you try to make a call. After hours of trying to fix it and talking to everybody a their brother about the phone, I can make one assertion about the JAQ3... it is underpowered and is therefore very unstable. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere. I-Mate's customer spport WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU IF YOU BUY THIS PHONE AND ARE NOT HAPPY WITH IT!

2. unregistered

this phone should be given award...... hahahahh award my foot.... okokokok award for worst phone of the year mmm no no of they century what if u want to waste your money surely buy it ....

3. NNN unregistered

I must quote all your posts!!! This phone suffer a lot of problems and, using it, you MUST make an hard reset every 5 month, because in this time you will see a slow but costant slowing and bugs overflowing! Support can only say:"Just make an hard reset"... and what about video libraries? GAPI is the only working, but suffers a lot of lags and ridicolous bitrate elaboration capabilities (even windows media player can't supporte more than a 100kbps video decoding in this phone, very bad!!). Don't buy this phone. If you have one I've opened a thread in the official IMATE forum, underJaq3 section, join there please and post!!!

4. Gigo unregistered

Please do not buy this phone even if offered free...IT JUST SUCKS TO THE CORE.Ask me why.. 1. Same as mentioned above (The phone constantly get "stuck" and cannot make or receive calls. THe worst part is, you cannot know that it's stuck unless you try to make a call) 2. The battery is awful and loses complete charge for every 1 hour of talktime. You need to carry your mobile charger wherever you go. damn it!! 3. Hard boot eachg time it gets stuck 4. Camera quality is woefully bad and it adds no value 5. Do not add memeory card even by mistake.The phone slows down so much that you have to wait 10 -15 seconds after dialling each digit 6. The screen resolution becomes hazy many times finally the support from i-mate is just isn't there at all despite multiple pleas for replacement. I'm just thinking of sueing i-Mate for giving such a lousy product

5. maxi

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 31, 2009

Plz guys don't buy this F**K** set.This set i mate jaq3 really sucks it is the worse set in da world ....................

6. dr chughtai unregistered

oh my God ! I have changed my mind after reading all this.... it looks as if all u ppl had read gud tym with this phone !
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