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altek Leo Preview

0. phoneArena posted on 31 Mar 2011, 06:34

The first Android phone from Altek, one of the largest OEM/ODM camera makers for companies like Kodak, Olympus and HP, is predictably a cameraphone. And we use the word in its literal meaning – the Altek Leo reminds more of a small point-and-shoot camera, rather than a smartphone...

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posted on 01 Apr 2011, 22:48 1

1. rayjones09 (Posts: 149; Member since: 16 Dec 2010)

Forget that the N8 doesn't run Android, Symbian is just fine.

posted on 19 Apr 2011, 09:17

2. mereko (unregistered)

Sold my N8 because of Symbian. It made using the phone too frustrating.

posted on 22 Apr 2011, 23:50

3. Ashton (unregistered)

they should made a comparison of picture quality taken between the N8 and Altek Leo''
my bet is on N8,

posted on 09 Jul 2011, 03:49

5. rocky7st (Posts: 1; Member since: 09 Jul 2011)

If you aren't too fussed about the thickness then this phone really is that dream phone. With 14MP and 3x optical zoom you finally have a phone that can replace the standard digital cameras. I'm still yet to put the camera through it's paces but the optical zoom works nicely.

Phone wise, I haven't found any problems with it apart from the small ROM size. I managed to get Android Markets and the google apps which was one of the things putting me off the phone. Running apps and navigating around the phone is quite smooth with no noticeable lag.

posted on 15 Jul 2011, 10:17

6. falisar (unregistered)

Hi rocky7st

I'm thinking of getting one from eBay for 263€, where did you get yours? More importantly where did you get the missing Android Markets and Google Apps from? According to other reviews, the user interface is a little laggy and the display inaccurate, is that true for your device? Does it support internet tethering or personal hotspot? I would be very thankful for a reply, thank you

posted on 11 Dec 2011, 21:45

7. LordBonztie (Posts: 52; Member since: 14 Nov 2011)

To recap, if you needed to take two devices before on your vacation or event – your cell phone and a small camera, with the altek Leo you need one. The same can be said for the Nokia N8, "however, but it doesn't run Android"

phone racism? :))

posted on 15 May 2012, 17:46

8. EricMC (Posts: 2; Member since: 15 May 2012)

How easy would it be to use this Taiwanese device on a standard UK network - say T-Mobile or Orange? Would it all work smoothly? Or are the Cellphone standards different? Sorry; I don't know much about mobile technology - especially 3G.

posted on 15 May 2012, 17:47

9. EricMC (Posts: 2; Member since: 15 May 2012)

I mean, just because Orange don't offer it on contract doesn't mean it won't take their SIM or that they can't communicate with it, right?

posted on 12 Sep 2012, 11:11

10. frannixa (Posts: 1; Member since: 12 Sep 2012)

I already have one altek leo A14 cameraphone but the problem is that the battery doesn't last the whole day and i have searched through ebay and the entire internet where to buy a strong battery that will last, in fact i even sent a message through to the person that i bought it from on ebay and there was no reply, please if any body knows where i can get the battery should please send me a message to frannixa@yahoo.com Thanks

posted on 08 Jan 2013, 04:42

11. jackflap (Posts: 1; Member since: 08 Jan 2013)

frannixa, I had the altek leo, and found that the real battery drainer was the mobile data.

by turning off mobile data when i wasnt using it, the battery-life extended up to over a day

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