Multimedia (Windows Media, Camera/Video)

The EXEC keeping with tradition of its predecessors has improved versions of the above features. Pocket Windows Media Player (version 10) has much more features than before and now allows users to synchronize play lists, favourite music and video etc. A 1.3 Mega pixel camera produces good quality images and has identical picture related features to previous models. The secondary VGA camera used mainly for video calls is a new inclusion to this product family. Video quality during calls is good and in sync with the actual voice audio. The camera can also be used for self portraits instead of taking a picture of yourself without actually seeing it. This in truth although sounds practical, is not very useful, due to the poor quality of the camera.

General Menu & Software Compatibility

The XDA EXEC like all windows mobile devices makes it very easy for those familiar with windows based PC's/Laptops to use. Even though you may not know where specific programs or functions are found, you will know what menu's to go through and where to look. I showed 5 people on a PC where to find the ‘Add/Remove Programs' function; clicking on start and going into control panel. I then gave them my XDA EXEC and asked them to find me the similar option on the PDA. Even though these people had never used a PDA before, they all managed to quite comfortably find the ‘Remove Program' option in the settings menu after clicking on start.

This just emphasises my point and demonstrates how the menu system of the EXEC is fairly similar to that of windows based PC's. It is in general very similar throughout the device

As with all windows based operating systems, you have the ability to add 3rd part applications and software to maximise the productivity of your device, improve its entertainment factors or just to make your life easier. As the OS seems to be a bit more stable than WM2003, it also helps applications run much better and more effectively.

The only current slight downside is that because WM2005 is a completely new system, many software manufactures have not made their software fully (or even at all) compatible. This means some applications will install, but a warning message will be displayed and the software may not run correctly. In some cases, it will not even install due to its incompatibility. If you are anything like me and have used Pocket PC's for a long time, you will be slightly disappointed to find many of your favourite applications may not work any longer with the EXEC. This of course is not a fault with the EXEC and is just a software clash between old and new programs. I'm sure in due course software developers will re-write their programs to enable full compatibility with WM2005 but until them, some people will be left slightly disappointed.



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  • Display 640 x 480 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Battery 1620 mAh(8.00h talk time)

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