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Wren V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Review

Posted: , by John V.



Wren app for Android

In order to reap all the benefits of the speaker, you’ll need to download the free Wren app for Android through the Google Play Store. By now, we’ve been spoiled by some fancy looking music players on several top-notch Android devices, but Wren’s app is a bit elementary in comparison – both in its functionality and presentation. Looking through the supported services, they include things like Pandora, Internet Radio, Media Server, QQMusic, KKBOX, and its own “Music” player.

Initially, we believed that selecting the “Music” player was nothing more than the default TouchWiz music player running on our Samsung Galaxy S4. However, that isn’t necessarily the case, since it’s a totally separate player. Unfortunately, the Google Play Music app isn’t something supported by the Wren Play-Fi speaker – albeit, we’re told that it’s in the pipelines, so there’s solace knowing that it’s coming eventually.

One noteworthy point to mention pertains to Pandora. From the looks of it, Wren’s app somehow bypasses all of those commercials that free accounts end up having to endure after a few songs. Therefore, you don’t need a paid Pandora account to skip those commercials.


If you’re all about audio, you won’t be disappointed at all by the pounding tones it delivers.

Fortunately, we didn’t come across any problems initially setting up the Wren Play-Fi speaker to our home network. With the faster connection and all, we didn’t notice any lag or delays between our Android device and the speaker. Songs simply loaded and played without skipping a beat!

Out of everything, the Wren V5PF Play-Fi speaker shines for its impressive audio quality. In comparison to another similar speaker we’ve reviewed, the Cambridge Audio Mix Air 100, the Wren Play-Fi speaker performs better at the loudest volume setting. In fact, it maintains its crisp and clear tones without exhibiting any sort of strain or crackling. It’s upbeat and thumping to tell you the truth, so there’s no shortage of heart pounding tones. Quite frankly, the commanding presence of its audio quality allows it to fill up large rooms and spaces – giving listeners a delightful experience in almost any room in the home.

Wren V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Review

Budget conscious audiophiles need not apply, seeing that the Wren Play-Fi speaker has a premium cost associated to it. At a whopping $399.00 for this specific version, there’s no denying that it’s an investment. Alternatively, Wren currently sells its V5AP AirPlay and V5BT Bluetooth speakers, which are also priced at $399.99 a pop.

When it comes down to it, the Wren Play-Fi speaker delivers the goods with its outstanding audio quality. It’s undoubtedly something we appreciate greatly, since at the end of the day, it all boils down to what our ears hear with its audio quality. Indeed, it might lack the extensive features that some other speakers offer, but the audio quality alone is enough to make it an option to consider when shopping for a high-end all-in-one speaker solution. In the meantime, Android users will have to live without support for the Google Play Music app, but rest assured, we’re told it’s coming at some point – so there’s light at the end of the tunnel for those who use Google’s service.


  • Pounding audio quality that excels even at the loudest setting
  • Refreshing design that differentiates itself from others
  • Quality materials that give it a premium look
  • Skip commercials when using Pandora
  • Quick streaming with little to no lag


  • Wren app doesn’t support the Google Play Music app
  • Basic functionality and bland presentation with the app
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