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Wicos 201 Bluetooth headset review

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


The headset sports two controls - one big oval button used to turn the unit on and off, answer/end calls, start voice dialing and initialize the "pairing" process. The other is a small jog-wheel style control, which is used to adjust the volume level. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the ringing volume - only the volume of the incoming sound.

Wicos 201 Bluetooth headset review

If your phone supports Voice dialing (as almost all newer Ericsson models do) you just have to push the oval "call" button, wait for 3-4 second and say the name of the person you want to call. The first test unit that was sent to me was defective, and it was distorting my voice so much that out of 20 attempts, I was able to make a successful voice call only once. The second unit that Wicos sent us was a lot better in terms of outgoing voice quality. However, even with the second unit, if I moved my head when I was 7-8 feet away from the phone loud fizzy noises would appear.

Unfortunately, the sound quality of the headset was very poor also.
Very often the sound coming from the earpiece was inapprehensible and very distorted. The earpiece reproduced mostly low tones, cutting away all high frequencies.

If you want to hear how Wicos sounds like, listen to this recordings (QuickTime plug-in is required).

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