Interface and Functionality:

For an Android tablet, the ViewPad 10’s Intel Pine Trail N455 1.66GHz processor and 2GB of DDR3 RAM makes for one speedy platform experience – especially when it’s packing a solid state hard drive (32GB in our case). In Android, the response is unbelievably quick and responsive, but it even manages to cold boot into Windows 7 in under a minute. Naturally, things are going smooth right now, but seeing that there aren’t that many pre-installed programs in Windows 7, its speed might diminish once you begin to eat up free space on the hard drive.

Instead of finding Android 2.2 Froyo, like what’s used with the ViewPad 7, we’re taken back to an outdated stock Android 1.6 experience – with zero optimizations. In fact, it simply looks as though they’ve ported the Android experience for smartphones onto the tablet, but didn’t bother to optimize it to take advantage of its tablet categorization. In making matters worse, it’s not graced with Google’s blessings, so there is no Android Market with the ViewPad 10. However, there is an “App Store” that boasts a few thousand apps – but don’t expect to see any high caliber ones on there.

Conversely, Windows 7 Professional is on board and it’s probably the sole thing that makes the ViewSonic 10 so useful over the competition. Navigating with the touchscreen is very easy and precise, but we’re glad to see that you’ve got the full bounty and productivity aspects of Windows 7 – albeit, it’s lacking actual productivity software like Office. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see that you literally have the power of a laptop in your hands.

Meanwhile, continuing to show off its untouched Android 1.6 experience, the stock keyboard is present and it’s basically stretched out in landscape. Although it’s more than responsive in keeping up with our speedy typing, we’re not that impressed with its layout. In Windows 7 though, you can instantly access the on-screen keyboard by clicking on a tab on the left side of the screen. Again, it’s not the most pleasant experience with its cramped layout, but we like how it illuminates the actual button we’re pressing, and its responsive nature. Additionally, you can opt to use the hand writing recognition service, but it basically impedes the overall input rate.

Email setup in Android is a breeze, of course, since it only requires your email address and password to set up. With some specific email clients, it’ll require some additional steps in properly getting your emails. Unfortunately, there is no preinstalled email software in Windows 7, but you can always download Windows Live Essentials 2011 to get your email fix.



1. Hello-dirt

Posts: 102; Member since: May 02, 2010

So...I should go and buy this if I want a tablet. Is that what you are saying?

2. luis_lopez_351

Posts: 951; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

KIler tablet if it ran Android 2.4 or 3.0 :( but sadly no -__-
ViewPad 10
  • Display 10.1" 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Camera / 1.3 MP front
  • Processor Intel Atom, Single core, 1660 MHz
  • Storage 16 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 3200 mAh

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