Juning Systems Corp. has managed to copy the design very successfully. However, it seems that the software gurus of the company haven’t had enough time to play with a genuine Vertu. They have tried to design software similar to the original but not successfully at all. The background of the homescreen looks similar to the one of the themes in the genuine version. The big analog clock seen on the screen can also lure you into believing that it’s an authentic device. However, the luxury Vertu has 13 unique themes, inspired by few of the World’s capitals and cultural landmarks.

The main menu will also try to keep the truth hidden. The icons are similar to the original and are animated. Some of them are extremely illogical – for example, the Extras have the icon of an alarm clock.

Once you open a sub-menu though, all illusions about the origin of the phone disappear and the truth becomes obvious. The phone uses the interface we’ve seen in Latte Boom and almost all Chinese phones. It is characterized by small eye irritating font, accompanied by ugly icons. On top of that, the some functions are as irrational as the options visualizations in the main menu.  Many things require illogical operations, which make the usage pretty inconvinient.

However, the phone offers all functions necessary for the average Joe. The advantages that the Vertu interface offers are mainly specific for the brand solutions, which are of no interest to the mass consumer.

For example, the phonebook in V9 has space for 300, and not 1000 contacts. To every one, you can add up to four numbers, an e-mail, company, birthday, picture, ringtone, and even video. Then, they can be organized in groups with a separate ringtone, picture, and video. The interface here is very inconvenient to use.

The organizer lets you save events in the calendar, there is a to do list and you can set up to five alarms. Aside from these standard functions, the genuine devices have a special Travel menu, which includes a World clock, weather information, Departing flights, a map and a currency converter. With all these available, the owner of the expensive phone can check all the information needed for an upcoming trip in just a few clicks.

is limited to SMS, MMS, and Broadcast Massage. Apparently,the manufacturers have decided their customers will not need to usee-mail and that is one of the obligatory functions for Vertu.

All that hints that the manufacturer has decided that the future owners of its product will not need “complicated” business functions such as e-mail, flight information etc. Naturally, they will not be able to take advantage of the Vertu Concierge service and find the best hotel in Hong Kong or the best restaurant in.

Overall, the software is far from good. It is sad that such a well-looking phone has such an annoying interface with lag when opening menus and irrational and ugly icons we already mentioned.

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