Say goodbye to your usual point and shoot camera because the Verizon iPhone 4 easily can substitute for one thanks to its overall great quality. Although you’ll have to learn the art of perfectly capturing photos with the device, like knowing what areas to press with touch focus, the end results are above average versus most other smartphones. In outdoor settings with plenty of light, images captured by the Verizon iPhone 4 offer plenty of sharp visuals that are eloquently matched by its production of natural color tones. Thanks partly to its backside-illuminated sensor, the Verizon iPhone 4 excels in low lighting situations since it’s able to absorb more detail – without much degradation caused by noise. And when it comes to using the flash, it does a respectable job despite its slight overexposed look – but touch focus doesn’t work too well in pitch black. Despite those minor shortcomings, you’ll be amazed by the kind of shots that you can take with the handset.

We’ve taken many high profiled smartphones and pitted them against the iPhone 4, and even with Verizon’s model, it’s able to dish up some fantastic looking high definition videos. However, one gripe that we still have is its lack of offering continuous auto-focus when shooting videos – which means that you have to rely on manually doing touch focus. Aside from that, everything else looks fine with the 720p videos recorded by the handset. Not only does it boast plenty of details, but it shoots at the fluid rate of 29 frames per second and automatically adjusts the exposure according to the scenery. Furthermore, the audio recording is almost crystal clear and eliminates most of the unwanted background noise. Without a doubt, the Verizon iPhone 4 equally makes the perfect companion for saving and cherishing precious memories.

Verizon iPhone 4 Sample Video:

Aside from using the main camera on the back, you can always switch to using the VGA front facing camera. It's blatantly obvious that the quality won't be the best, but hey, you've got the option to take easier self portraits and even rely on using it as a mirror – you can't go wrong with that!


Definitely not something new by any means, Verizon customers will surely appreciate the iPod function of the iPhone 4 – even more when it brings forth all the visual cues of Cover Flow. At its core though, there is barely anything different about its presentation versus what we saw with the original iPhone. Yet, the rich look and feel of Cover Flow easily trumps any doubts about its allure since it’s always so satisfying browsing through albums. Accompanying the strong visual appeal is its moderate tones emitted by its speaker. Comfortably blasting tunes at the highest volume level, it never begins to sound too overbearing or any evidence of crackling.

With its lightning fast A4 processor toiling away under the hood, video playback on the iPhone 4 was nothing short of beautiful – especilly when its “Retina Display” manages to squeeze in plenty of distinctive detail. Speeds were extremely smooth with no evidence of lag whatsoever which naturally highlights its prowess in this arena. Switching between portrait or landscape doesn't stop the flow of the video as it continues to play steadily – ultimately making it one handset to enjoy getting comfy while watching a long movie on the road.

Depending on your tastes, you’ll have two options to side with for the Verizon iPhone 4. On one hand, you’ve got the 16GB version that should appease most people, but we’d suggest moving up to the 32GB model if you’re heavy into high definition videos.


Considered to be common amongst high-end smartphones, the Verizon iPhone 4 offers video chat through its FaceTime service. Sure you’ll have to connect to Wi-Fi in order to use it, but it’s utterly amazing to see video chat work so well without the disruptive instances of lag or choppiness. If that doesn’t float your boat and you prefer something enabled for 3G connectivity, you can always opt to use other services like Skype or Fring – but don’t expect them to provide the most satisfying experience.

Google Maps is still the sole native location based app for the iPhone, and it doesn’t stray far from what we’ve seen previously. Although it functions normally in providing directions, it doesn’t offer free voice guided turn-by-turn directions that come along with Google Maps Navigation on Android. Looking past that, you can expect to still find features like satellite and street views – still, we’re itching to see its functionality expanded in the future.

Love watching videos online? Well, the YouTube app is there at your disposal and can instantly get you in touch with specific videos. Small refinements have been made with the app, but for the most part, it’s still relatively the same one we’ve seen on previous iPhones.

Last, but certainly not least, the App Store is available for all, with its industry-leading catalog of more than 400,000 apps. Quality games, productivity software, entertainment apps, it's all there and will never let you feel bored with your Verizon iPhone 4.

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