Beating profusely at the core of the iPhone 4 is none other than Apple’s A4 processor, which is to this day, still believed to be running at the clocked speed of 1GHz. Regardless of whatever it is, the end result is a fluid and stable platform experience that unequivocally bears in mind speed and responsiveness. From moving around its homescreens to launching applications, there is little to no pause in whatever simple to complex tasks you put the handset through. Honestly, once you experience the speed of the Verizon iPhone 4, it’ll instantly change your perception of what’s considered to be a respectable amount of speed with a smartphone.

If there is one thing that’s really beginning to show its age, it has to be the same usual looking interface that it employs. Overlooking its less than dazzling presentation, it still follows in line with the principles of being simplistic without being overly complex – and that’s exactly what we find with iOS 4.2.5 on the Verizon iPhone 4. Broken down by finger friendly sized icons that are arranged in a grid pattern, you can group them together to form folders for easy access, but the platform still lacks a high level of personalization. Sure you can rearrange the icons to your liking or change the background wallpaper, but it pales in comparison to the useful widgets and eye catching live wallpapers offered by Android. Nevertheless, what it lacks in visual presentation it makes up with its easy learning curve, simplistic navigation and swift performance.

Swiping to the left most homescreen pane, the on-screen keyboard will pop up and bring you to spotlight search. Essentially, you can begin typing and it’ll accumulate all the associated items related to your search. If you’re not particularly certain about what to look for, it’ll automatically aggregate any relevant content – like music, videos, contacts, apps, and bookmarks. But in the worse care scenario when it’s something not stored locally, it’ll provide you the option of either searching the web or Wikipedia for it.

Holding down the home button will access the iPhone 4’s Voice Control function which is basically a voice recognition application at its core. Needless to say, it works relatively well seeing that it accurately comprehends our spoken words without the need for much repetition. Obviously, it comes in handy if you don’t want to be bothered with searching your phone for specific items. For example, you can speak certain keywords, like “dial home” or “play music,” and the iPhone 4 will execute the command.

Now if there is one beloved feature that was a long time coming, it can arguably be multi-tasking because it was the last piece of the puzzle in completing the platform experience. Today, most applications are enabled to take advantage of multi-tasking element found with iOS, and that’s why it works almost seamlessly with the Verizon iPhone 4 – exactly like its AT&T counterpart. Performing a double press on the home button will uncover the running apps in the background. Not only do we adore the ability to switch between apps instantly, we also like how certain ones will continue to run in the background while doing something else. For example, you can play music through Pandora while using a GPS app for turn-by-turn directions – and of course, the two work in tandem flawlessly.

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