Test 4: Macro

This test demonstrates how well the phones can take pictures of close-up objects only a few inches away. Even though this is one area where most people don’t often use their cameraphones, it is still interesting to see which devices can capture the best macro image.

The Motorola DROID comes in at 1st place, since all the Macro images are in-focus and have fine detail. In 2nd place is the HTC Imagio, as it also has good detail, but not as clearly defined as the DROID. The Samsung Rogue comes in at 3rd place, as it has better in-focus Macro images than the remaining three phones. 4th place goes to the HTC DROID ERIS, just slightly beating the Samsung Omnia II, which comes in at 5th place, as both phones did have issues with a couple of the Macro images, causing them to be out of focus. Lastly, the LG enV Touch is at 6th place, as its Macro images were the most troublesome and most out of focus.

The phone’s performance, sorted from 1st to 6th place:

1)    Motorola DROID: Out of the six phones, the DROID had the best Macro images and with finest detail.
2)    HTC Imagio: Almost as good as the DROID, but not as much fine detail.
3)    Samsung Rogue: Slightly more in-focus than the remaining phones.
4)    HTC DROID ERIS: Just barely beats the Omnia II, but not by much as some Macro images were blurry.
5)    Samsung Omnia II: Slightly more blurry and less detail than the DROID ERIS.
6)    LG enV Touch: All of the Macro images were the least in-focus out of the six phones.

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