Test 3a: Pictures taken indoors under a variety of inside lighting conditions, including color charts

We compared the six cameraphones indoors under a wide variety of artificial lighting conditions, which reveals how their Automatic White Balance performs. We also took images of different color charts to see how each camera reproduces them.

Once again, the Motorola DROID comes in at 1st place, due to it having accurate Auto White Balance, color matching, and sharp images, through quality on all phones go down when there is less light. Edging in slightly higher than the Rogue is the LG enV Touch at 2nd place, as its inside images were sharper and had slightly better color reproduction. At 3rd place is the Samsung Rogue, since images weren’t at sharp as the enV Touch, but colors were close. The HTC Imagio comes in at 4th place as the Auto White Balance can be a problem under certain lights, but images are still sharp and properly exposed. In 5th place is the Samsung Omnia II, as it also has White Balance and color reproduction issues, but images are still bright. The HTC DROID ERIS comes in at 6th place, as it had the most color matching issues and images generally looked dull and lifeless.

The phones’ performance, sorted from 1st to 6th place:

1)    Motorola DROID: The DROID produced the most accurate colors and had proper white balance and exposure while used under a variety of artificial indoor lighting.
2)    LG enV Touch: Colors weren’t as accurate as with the DROID, but still looked acceptable, and images were in-focus.
3)    Samsung Rogue: Images aren’t as sharp as the enV Touch.
4)    HTC Imagio: Has issues with the Auto White Balance under artificial light.
5)    Samsung Omnia II: Also has issues with color matching and the Auto White Balance.
6)    HTC DROID ERIS: Images have the most color matching issues and look lifeless.

Test 3b: Flash images taken indoors

Outof the six phones, the only two that do not include a flash are the HTCDROID ERIS and Imagio. The remaining four phones come equipped with anLED flash, with the Motorola DROID actually containing two LEDs. Flashimages taken indoors of the dark kitchen (at 12 feet distance) by theMotorola DROID and Samsung Omnia II are quite good considering thesource, though the Omnia II does produce more of a warm hue. The flashimage by the Samsung Rouge’s is more blurry, while the flash imageproduced by the enV Touch is the darkest out of the four.

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