Test 2: Nighttime pictures taken outside

This demonstrates how the camera behaves at night when using a longer exposure time and higher ISO to gather in as much light as possible. We took images using the camera’s Auto settings, as well as manually selecting the Night mode on the Samsung Omnia II and Motorola DROID.

The Motorola DROID comes in at 1st place in our nighttime test, but only when using the “night portrait” mode in the settings. This allows the night images to look their best, while gathering in the most amount of light and having accurate colors, but at the same time remaining sharp and in-focus. If you set the DROID to Auto mode and take nighttime pictures, they are dark and hard to make out, so this is not recommended. Coming in at 2nd place is the HTC Imagio, as night images are bright (without any special mode settings) and in-focus, but some suffer from a warm hue. At 3rd place is the HTC DROID ERIS, as most night images are pretty close to the Imagio, but bright areas (such as brightly lit signs) can be overexposed. The LG enV Touch comes in at 4th place, since night images are darker than we’d like, but are still in-focus. In 5th place is the Samsung Rogue, since most night images are sharper and have less grain than the Samsung Omnia II, which comes in at 6th place. The night mode on the Omnia II is almost unusable, as it slows the shutter down to ½ second, causing images to be blurry and lights to be “booming”.

The phones’ performance, sorted from 1st to 6th place:

1)    Motorola DROID: When using the “night portrait” mode, images at night came out the best, with plenty of light, accurate colors, and being in-focus.
2)    HTC Imagio: Night images are bight and in-focus, but some have a warm hue.
3)    HTC DROID ERIS: Almost the same as the Imagio, but brightly lit areas can be overexposed.
4)    LG enV Touch: Night images are darker than we’d like, but are still in-focus.
5)    Samsung Rogue: Night images look a bit blurry, but grain isn’t too bad.
6)    Samsung Omnia II: Images are blurry and look out of focus and show a lot of grain. The “nigh mode” is unusable.

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