Test 1a: Pictures taken outside during broad daylight

Out of all the tests, this is the most important, considering that a majority of people use their cameras for taking pictures outside during the day. Therefore, these images tell a lot about the overall performance of each camerphone.

In our daytime test, the Motorola DROID comes in at 1st place. Images are sharp and in-focus, with colors being the most accurate and not artificially over-saturated. In 2nd place comes the HTC Imagio, as images are crisp, however colors are a bit over-saturated, though still within acceptance. The LG enV Touch is at 3rd place, as images are in-focus and still have generally good color. In 4th place is the Samsung Rogue, as some outside images are slightly underexposed (dark) than they should be, but colors are still adequate. The HTC DROID ERIS comes in a 5th place, since images don’t look as sharp and color matching is a bit of a problem. The Samsung Omnia II comes in 6th place, due to images being greatly overexposed, having poor color matching and also exhibiting purple-fringing.

The phones’ performance, sorted from 1st to 6th place:

1)    Motorola DROID: The DROID had the best daytime images, with neutral colors, proper exposure, and good detail.
2)    HTC Imagio: The colors produced by the Imagio are a bit over-saturated, but images still look good and are properly exposed.
3)    LG enV Touch: Images are sharp and in-focus, but colors are still over-saturated.
4)    Samsung Rogue: A few of the outside images were a bit underexposed.
5)    HTC DROID ERIS: Images are not as sharp and there is some loss in fine-detail.
6)    Samsung Omnia II: Color matching is a problem, as well as images being overexposed and showing purple-fringing.

Test 1b: Videos recorded outside in broad daylight:

Eventhough recording videos via a cameraphone is more of a novelty than anecessity, we thought it would be interesting to see how the six modelswould compare, even though we are not including this in our finalscore. The Motorola DROID produced the best looking video with goodcolors and smooth playback, as it can record at 720x480 resolution with25FPS. The Samsung Omnia II also records at 720x480 resolution, butvideos aren’t as smooth and colors are “blotchy” looking. The HTCImagio, LG enV Touch, and Samsung Rogue are all capable of recording at640x480 resolution, but the enV Touch had the smoothest playback at25FPS, while the Imagio was a bit choppy at 19FPS, and the Rogue waslimited to only 14FPS. Lastly, the HTC DROID ERIS had the worst lookingvideo out of the bunch, as it could only record at 325x288 resolutionwith 15FPS. Keep these results in mind if you are planning to use thevideo recording feature.

Motorola DROID sample video at 720x480 pixels resolution

Samsung Omnia II sample video at 720x480 pixels resolution

HTC Imagio sample video at 640x480 pixels resolution

LG enV Touch sample video at 640x480 pixels resolution

Samsung Rogue sample video at 640x480 pixels resolution

HTC DROID ERIS sample video at 325x288 pixels resolution

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