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Velodyne vFree Review

Posted: , by John V.



Velodyne vFree Review
Hardly an issue, we’re able to quickly and effortlessly pair the Velodyne vFree with a handful of devices. Using a Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 primarily with our testing, we’ll vouch that this is packing some serious bass tones. Powered by 34mm speaker drivers, there’s no arguing about the punch it’s packing with it bass levels, since it’s prominent at all volume levels – it never distorts or fades. However, with mids and highs, its output is fairly pleasant at the middle volume setting, but it becomes more drowned out the higher we crank the volume. Overall, we really can’t complain about the music audio quality of the Velodyne vFree, especially when it features apt-X coding to replicate the most accurate sound reproduction.

Using the headphones for phone conversations, it’s a challenging time every way we look at it. Certainly, the volume output is strong enough to give enough emphasis to voices, but it tends to cast a subtle mute tone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better on the other end of the line, as our callers mention being greeted to some muffled voices, which becomes more prevalent when its noise-cancellation feature kicks in – so either way, voices become distorted. Although we’re able to comprehend words sufficiently enough to get through conversations, it’s still a trivial experience to persistently listen to each and every spoken word with a great deal of intensity.


Continuously using it for music playback while connected via Bluetooth to a Samsung Galaxy S III, the Velodyne vFree is able to pull in a little over 8 hours from a full battery charge, which is less than the 10 hours it’s rated for, but nevertheless adequate in our book. Thankfully, it only requires approximate 1.5 hours of charging to get it back to full capacity.


Let’s not argue the point that the Velodyne vFree is a great pair of headphones when it comes to listening to music, mainly because it delivers enough of the boom and clarity to make the experience a soulful one. However, at a staggering $300, it’s an expensive offering that isn’t justified enough to make it a compelling offering. Not only do you need to unload a hefty amount, but its construction, build, and phone call quality just doesn’t give it enough validation to pick it up over other offerings. Honestly, we’d be just a little bit more forgiving if it didn’t feel so, you know, cheapo. We expect more for something that’s priced at $300!

Velodyne vFree Video Review:


  • Punchy bass tones
  • Peculiar design


  • Construction feels brittle
  • Very expensive, but looks cheap
  • Muffled phone call quality
  • Confusing button layout with its right ear cup
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