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Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - U.S. carriers

0. phoneArena posted on 25 Jul 2008, 08:43

There’s no denying it, touchscreens are the latest trend in the mobile world and with the iPhone on the forefront of technology and fashion they show no sign of going away anytime soon. The iPhone was not the first phone to feature a touchscreen- they have been around since last century in fact- and it wasn’t even the first fashion phone to ditch the keyboard; that distinction goes to the LG PRADA...

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posted on 24 Jul 2008, 02:03

21. (unregistered)

I wonder how the iPhone stacks up against the Samsung Glyde? haha...kidding.

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 16:14

57. (unregistered)

there wouldn't even be a point in comparing.. the glyde blows

posted on 24 Jul 2008, 02:11

22. (unregistered)

give me a break, this review was made for Iphone to win. they picked the categories where Iphone could win... what about personalization ... like free mp3 ringtone, npt to buy one from apple what about bluetooth file transfers.... what about videocalls... no java apps worst camera it lacks of so many features than even a 4 year old phone could beat this one.. no MMS no flash sites when browsing (only banners) no door to door navigation (voice guided navigation) ...................................... and many many more the only thing where Iphone is good (not the best) is multimedia its obvious that the reviewer takes money from apple to make good reviews, or he's an apple stupid fan user.. l

posted on 24 Jul 2008, 03:03

24. (unregistered)

yeah, and Apple paid more than Samsung because the Instinct also gets high rating ...

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 21:01

77. (unregistered)

Java Apps??? Who would want Java Apps??? I rather have the REAL 3rd party apps from the App Store... Have fun with your JAVA Apps while I will be downloading REAL Apps on my iphone like Pandora, AIM, PSP Quality games, etc.

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 21:03

78. a1016neo (unregistered)

The last time I check nither the Dare, iphone or Instinct has Flash Support, Video Conferencing, etc... Go AWAY TROLL! I can't believe this site! It's filled with Apple haters! Good bye phone arena!

posted on 27 Jul 2008, 19:34

88. (unregistered)

It's called real life TROLL. Iphone is nothing special and it's funny to see how losers like you glorify it. I personally hate it in terms of practical phone function. Who gives a crap about games. I need a phone that can do my previous RAZR's tasks. What is the point to go back in time??? Blind apple idiots. You guys are the most annoying breed online and you guys are responsible for all APPLE hate as you call it.

posted on 27 Jul 2008, 20:06

94. (unregistered)

Once again, read the article again, at the end, the total score wise, Instinct has the highest score, tsk tsk, you guys are just jealous little people.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 19:38

109. (unregistered)

Are you a retard? Before they update the article iphone basically had all fives and was by far the winner. You are coming this late to a party and trying to insult people you must be one of those apple trolls as well. There are millions of them on the web these days... sadly enough.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 21:39

118. (unregistered)

the iphone didnt lose any fives, the instinct won two categories they added. even before the revision the instinct and iphone were pretty close in score

posted on 24 Jul 2008, 04:48

25. (unregistered)

As others have noted, this review is ridiculous. It is the first phone comparison I have read without actually interacting with... the phone. You guys compared ONE.... ONE... video file in one format. How can you note that codec support is weak and then only try one video file in one format? Meanwhile in what is the deal with your music collection that three out of four music apps have major problems with it? Also not to be rude, but I prefer to have a comparison whereby I am actually told how the music player makes the music sound as opposed to whether it will show me pretty pictures of album covers. How do the phones sound with headphones? Do they support stereo bluetooth? Do they have equalizers? Where is the comparison of GPS? This is ridiculous. Where it the video camera comparison? (especially since the iPhone doesn't take video) How fast did each phone pull down websites with their browsers? Under messaging, you guys were just pathetic. There is NO comparison of messaging at all and just some harping about the touch on the LG's. This was knocked through this whole review when the regular review had no problems. There is no discussion of T9 availability, and qwerty depending upon phone orientation. (Only to note that Apple forces one keyboard different from the browser and that this user interface inconsistency is not penalized at all) Understand, I AM an Apple fanboy. I own three Macs. I hate Windows with a passion. However this review is retarded. It compares nothing including battery life, speaker quality, user interface consistency, price plans across carriers for data, etc. This review was written by a retarded third grader being beat with a chair to further limit their reasoning ability. It is that bad.

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 08:54

29. (unregistered)

looks like they put up an updated review, but even originally they did touch on a number of your complaints, especially messaging. in fact it was a major point that the instinct did not have t9, the iphone was qwerty in portrait and the lg phones both had t9/multitap. but then again you admitted to being an apple fanboy, so i guess we can assume that youre opinion is worthless.

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 13:13

44. (unregistered)

EXACTLY! Apple fanboy website???

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 13:33

48. (unregistered)

YES!!! And a big one at that! Such a waste of time. I had better expectations from this site...

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 08:53

28. PhoneArena Team (Posts: 258; Member since: 27 Jun 2006)

We've updated the article. Thank you for your feedback!

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 13:31

47. (unregistered)

UPDATED WHAT? You guys are morons! None of the stuff you said in this article is true! DARE is not the ultimate phone but it beats the crap out of these other bricks. I'm glad I don't have to rely on your biased reviews. Thank God I got my own eyes and brain not like those isheep all around this website. You guys are pathetic losers. Get a life iphone is an epic fail. Just recognize it. Camera is useless no video no MMS keyboard sucks big time and it scores most points? You guys are retards this just proved it.

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 20:52

60. G. Clooney (unregistered)

Thanks for the latest update, the 1st article was so bias, i agree in almost everything, i disagree in performance though, as a previous iphone owner, i dont see why the iphone gets a 4, is the worst phone i had in terms of signal reception, for me deserves a 2 or 1 and the Dare at least a 4. for me the best phone ever created would be the Iphone(Ui, Applications, Multimedia) + Dare (Phone performance, GPS, Camera).

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 21:05

79. (unregistered)

Hey 47, LEAVE TROLL! You can't face the fact that there are better phones than the Dare...

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 10:03

30. (unregistered)

I think they got it right. If you're looking for the slickest interface, ease of use (except with messaging), and want to impress the ladies, you get an iphone. It's clearly ahead of the competition there. But if you're looking for the most functionality and all of the features that should be packed in to this type of phone such as video capture, turn by turn directions and MMS, the Instinct is the way to go if you don't need the absolute coolest looking phone. The iphone is a marvel of design, and I'm sure they will add some functions with future upgrades or apps, but when you get past the glossy exterior, it just doesn't deliver everything.

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 12:46

69. (unregistered)

ha ha ... impress ladies with an iphone... that proves the type of retards that buy those ibricks. Impress ladies with a phone? This is the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard.

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 21:07

80. (unregistered)

The iphone is one of the best designed phones out there, and YOU STOP POSTING MEDIOCRE POSTS ON PHONE ARENA! ALL THESE ANTI-IPHONE POST ARE FROM YOU! You Can't face the fact that there are BETTER PHONES THAN THE DARE IN THE WORLD!

posted on 27 Jul 2008, 19:38

89. (unregistered)

You are such a moron! There are tons of people that are not happy with their iphones and just wait a little more and then you will see millions unhappy people while APPLE won't do a damn about it. Just face the reality fanboy. There are tons of better phones then iphone and saying iphone is the best is the most retarded thing to say.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 10:57

102. (unregistered)

If you look at the article that appeared on CNN the day before the iphone 3G was released, they were interviewing people who were foolish enough to be in line for it, and most of the quotes were about how cool they would be when they have the iphone first... one guy flat out said he was getting it to impress girls. Obviously not everyone is like that, but the iphone has become something of a status symbol, as silly as that may seem. I think it's true though. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't even live within AT&T's 3G coverage who just got the new phone so they can say they have the new iphone.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 19:41

110. (unregistered)

yeah basically low esteem sad individuals trying to impress others with a mediocre bling bling toy phone. Very sad society became these days.

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 10:06

32. (unregistered)

does the instinct open email attachments, ie pdf or word docs?

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 12:39

39. (unregistered)

nope..I think if you're looking for a true PDA, you'd be dissapointed if you got the Instinct. It's a cool device, but it's not a smartphone.

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 21:09

81. (unregistered)

sadly no, neither does the Dare. They are not smartphone like the iphone. iphones can open many image formates, PDF, Word, excel, PPT, and iwork documents... Though you can only read them... NO EDITING..

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 10:33

33. (unregistered)

You need to update it again. People coming to this site are phone freaks. We likely have played with all these phones ourselves. (I know I have) You are severely diminishing your credibility when you undertake actions that show you are so "in the tank" for the iPhone. First who does a battery test for talk time and then turns off the 3G reception of the phone so it will get a higher battery number than it normally might? Who then highlights that 3G reception for mobile browsing? You can't have it both ways. This has to be the first review in history where having the same features while being smaller and lighter is punished and seen negatively. Oh no, that phone might be TOO pocketable, grade it down! You note a completely variable factor, the network download speed. (I get three times faster speed on Verizon than you noted) Then you still fail to note the render speed of the sites on the phones. If it downloads in 2 seconds but the phone takes 20 seconds to render the site, this is important to know. How long does each phone play music or videos? Will I really care if I have pretty album covers if one plays music for 3 hours and the other plays music for 6 hours? Playing a video better wont matter if the battery dies halfway through the movie. Both the LG's are slammed for their touchscreens when your own review and the all the accompanying user reviews do not note these problems. This makes no sense and is used to knock them down several times in areas like messaging where they have better features but it is claimed those better features are unworkable due to the screen. The Dare has T9, handwriting and QWERTY with with selection possible via the accelerometer. Others have no choices or you are pushing buttons to make those choices. The picture is most telling. Most of these phones give you the choice of text, picture or video messaging. The iPhone clearly only has one choice there. That one choice is utilized via a keyboard that is described as being a nice attempt yet being unworkable yet it gets almost top billing. There is still no discussion of the cost of the plans. Clearly using a smart phone versus a features phone is going to cost you differently. You note the initial purchase price of the phone but still fail to note the cost of data, minutes, messaging, etc. Lame, lame, lame. You guys are totally trashing your credibility.

posted on 25 Jul 2008, 13:52

50. (unregistered)

SO TRUE! They don't have any more credibility left... the other day they were saying how buggy iphone was and now they are saying it's the best I call that BS! I have used iphone and DARE and DARE pisses all over iphone in just about every category.

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 09:38

63. (unregistered)

from their iphone review they said they couldnt pull a strong enough 3g signal which is why they only did a 2g test. i would like them to review every single aspect for the phones too, but i dont realistically expect them to be able to compare every single aspect of each phone.

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