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Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - GSM phones

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The trio comes preloaded with Google Maps by default, which is not the most appropriate for navigation. What is problematic in the application is the need for a permanent Internet connection and the traffic generation. Moreover, once you lose signal it stops positioning you. HTC Touch Diamond and Samsung OMNIA have the advantage of being Windows Mobile phones and the ability to use other applications such as Garmin or TomTom. At present, there are no other such applications for the iPhone 3G.

HTC Touch Diamond - Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - GSM phones
Apple iPhone - Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - GSM phones
Samsung OMNIA - Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - GSM phones

HTC Touch Diamond

Apple iPhone

Samsung OMNIA

GPS - Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - GSM phones


Rating: OMNIA: 5; Touch Diamond: 4.5; iPhone 3G: 2;


Besides being versatile devises, all three phones offer very good sound quality during a talk. However, OMNIA comes first, because the voices in the receiver and at the other end of the line are real and loud enough. iPhone 3G has similar behavior but at your end there will be some unclear sounds. HTC Touch Diamond finishes last due to the excessively monotonous voices at both ends.

Touch Diamond and OMNIА performed very well without noticeable lag, even when overloaded with multiple applications. Anyways, they lack the smoothness of the iPhone.

Rating: OMNIA: 5; iPhone 3G: 4.5; Touch Diamond: 4;

Performance - Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - GSM phones



Here we have factors which do not fall in separate categories, but are still important when making a purchase.

Since all competitors have serious multimedia abilities, the storage space available for music, video and image files is very important. HTC Touch Diamond scores the lowest because it only has 4 GB of built-in storage and no slot for memory expansion. iPhone 3G and OMNIA are offered in 8 and 16 GB versions, but the Samsung baby is equipped with a microSD slot and even supports the HC (High Capacity) standard up to 32 GB. This allows the phone provide up to the “modest” 48 GB of storage, which we think are more than enough.

The price tag is an important factor of course. At $750 for the 16GB contract free version, OMNIA is a very competitive solution. We have approximately the same price tag and memory for the iPhone 3G (contract free). Touch Diamond is available at the lowest price of $650.

MISC - Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - GSM phones


Additional software can be installed on all three, but it’s easiest to do with the iPhone. You can do it right on the device and, in part because of the handy AppStore, containing all applications. This saves you time on searching the cyberspace for the application of your choice. A disappointment to all pirates is the inability to connect the phone to a computer and use it as a flash memory. If you need this option, get a  Windows Mobile device.

Lately, the software and hardware issues of the iPhone 3G have been the subject of discussion. As a  result we have couple of firmware updates and exchanged units. After each one of Touch Diamond and OMNIA got an update, no issues remained notable.

Bear in mind that the Diamonds polished back is very easy to scratch even in your pocket.

Rating: OMNIA: 5; Touch Diamond: 4; iPhone 3G: 4;

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