We´ll be pretty straightforward. Speaking of performance, the  Тоshiba TG01 is head and shoulders above its competitors. Its 1GHz processor allows lightning-fast navigation between menus and applications. The computing power of the TG01 becomes evident with more complex 3D apps. To prove the point, the manufacturer has preloaded the demo version of Need For Speed Undercover for Windows Mobile and we must say it runs without a hitch. Playing 3D titles won´t be a problem on this device, just as we expected. Now, what we need is someone takes care about gameplay, i.e. more titles for it.

We aren´t pleased with the in-call quality at all. During our tests, sound was extremely quiet on our end, so you will simply not be able to carry on a conversation in noisy places using this particular handset. The sound strength was decent on the other hand was decent and the relatively sharp voices failed to produce a lasting effect on us, because we were happy with what we could get. People who will buy the TG01 however, will hardly be pleased with this.

We are of the opinion that the 1,000mAh battery of the Toshiba TG01 is unable to maintain the phone working for a decent amount of time in between consecutive charges. According to the manufacturer, it should be able to keep your phone alive for 5hrs of continuous talk and 276hrs in standby. If you switch on the high performance phone mode however, you will certainly not get the above mentioned times between charges.


It´s obvious that brute force is not a guarantee for product quality even if this happens to be a high-end smartphone. Yes, 3D games run smoothly on the 1GHz Snapdragon chipset and watching movies on the huge 4.1-inch screen feels awesome, but these are pretty much all advantages of the phone. We cannot turn a blind eye on the discomfort we felt while using the handset due to its bulky size. It´s simply unfit for use with one hand and the level of personalization is superficial and doesn’t deliver anything really new. Throw the mediocre snapshot and the outright bad in-call quality into the deal and we have to admit we wouldn’t go for the TG01 ourselves. Still, if you feel irresistibly attracted by its gigantic screen and ultra-fast processor and ultimately, you decide to get yourself the TG01, just consider installing some other personalization pack for Windows Mobile, say Spb Shell.

When it comes to decent overall size, we need to draw the line somewhere and we do think Toshiba has crossed it with the TG01. We would have liked to see something a tad smaller, more functional and appealing to look at. We do hope the next device by the manufacturer is less bulky and made with more attention to details.

Toshiba TG01 Video Review:


  • Screen that is suitable for video playback in the utmost degree
  • Ultra-fast 1 GHz Snapdragon chipset
  • Integrated CorePlayer


  • Mediocre performance as an actual phone
  • Nothing new under the Sun
  • Home screen with unappealing design
  • Camera that is good for nothing
  • Battery doesn’t last long enough

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