The Toshiba TG01 runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional that is a marvelous performer when it comes to what business customers need.

Toshiba offers a personalized home screen - 3D Menu.

The manufacturer has equipped the phone with its own home screen that for short, is called 3D Menu. It consists of eight stripes and the phone visualizes three of them at a time. Hold and slide your finger to your left or right to switch between them and you will see an eye-catchy 3D transition effect. The latter is not always an easy thing to do, because you need to be very careful when choosing an empty part of the screen to start the sideway sliding motion, well, if you want this to work of course. Eventually, you will get used to this, but still, the likelihood of erroneously starting up apps instead of moving left and right is not to be underestimated. The stripes are actually different categories, allowing access to relevant functions and they are arranged in the following order on our unit – Phone, Settings, Applications, Orange World, Messaging, Media, Files and Tools. The icons they host look miniature and rather ugly and they all start apps or get you to the corresponding phone function. Sliding your finger upwards reveals all icons belonging to a certain stripe.

Toshiba provides three color themes for the stripes that look equally gaudy. The other personalization options that you have include altering the stripe sequence plus adding, removing and rearranging icons within categories (apart from what´s under Phone).

We know it sounds disappointing, but that´s pretty much everything about 3D Menu. Still, there is a single object, located above all the icons that can show information to your own liking. It can be switched to one the following five modes – missed calls, messages and emails; clock; tasks; calendar and empty space.

You can use on-screen navigational buttons to move the cursor while in the phone browser or navigate throughout menus. They pop up when you drag the Zoom band towards the screen and get hidden when you do the same in the opposite direction. The whole idea is ridiculous and we are not going to comment on it any further.

Everything under the personalized home screen is standard Windows Mobile 6.1 features – unappealing menus full of icons that deliver a multitude of options and zero entertainment to look at.


Being a business user, you supposedly need a handset that allows storing of staggering number of contacts and overwhelming amount of information about them. The TG01 does deliver. The phonebook memory is virtually limitless and you can enter tons of data – from the company and department of the person, to the names of their children and personal assistant. Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate the option for the names of the assistant´s children and neither were we lucky enough to spot where we were supposed to add the names of a person´s Mom´s lateral branch of the family cousins, although we really need such functionality, so figuratively speaking, we rummaged every nook and cranny of the handset.

As a typical Windows Mobile device, the Toshiba TG01 offers quite decent organizer functionality. You are allowed to store events with varying recurrence pattern, plus you have Notes and Tasks.


Given the huge display, you must be wondering if this is not the cell phone to rule them all with the handiest QWERTY keyboard to date. Buttons are of a decent size, but since the handset measures quite a width, you will probably find reaching them an uphill battle when using one hand only. When we arrived at this part of the review, we were thrilled and turned the phone to landscape, trembling with anticipation to behold the largest screen buttons we had ever feasted our eyes on. Alas, it seems Toshiba has failed to take advantage of the otherwise pretty good opportunity to gain an upper hand with this respect. The landscape QWERTY is handy indeed, but we won´t go as far as to say it´s sight unseen. Still, we need to say we managed not to make too many mistakes even when typing away like really fast.

You can use the screen keyboards to enter short, multimedia and email messages. There´s nothing new about the whole process here and everything feels entirely the same as on any other Windows Mobile Professional device.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Toshiba TG01 is its 1GHz Snapdragon chipset and you can feel its power while navigating in different menus, lists and applications.

Windows Mobile OS has never been so fast and smoothly running before, ever. 

Our only gripe is the irritatingly sluggish accelerometer when changing the 3D Menu screen orientation. We cannot wait to see how the device stacks up against the competition when it comes to more demanding applications like Internet Explorer.

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