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The New Sony-Ericsson P800

Sony Ericsson P800

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Photo album & Picture Phonebook
Built in editing tools mean you can control image size and quality, adjust brightness and contrast and modify the white balance of your images, for a perfect result.

Images stored in the P800's photo album are available for other applications to use: snap a picture of your friend and save it in your Picture Phonebook - next time they call, you'll see their smiling face.

Pictures can be easily sent as a Multimedia Message. Simply select a picture, add a message and send just like an SMS, or build a slide show with several images and your favorite sound clips. A multimedia message can be sent to another MMS-enabled handset, an E-Mail address or a non-MMS enabled handset.

The New Sony-Ericsson P800


The P800 features an integrated browser capable of browsing WAP and Web content, as well as the ability to connect wirelessly to local devices using infra-red or Bluetooth™, meaning that you and your P800 are never out of touch with the rest of the world. Bluetooth™ is a key technology for the P800, providing instant, wireless connections that work without line of sight:

• Share your data with other devices within range of your P800
• Let other devices use your P800 as a modem to connect to the internet
• Special radio-off mode, so you can still use your P800 PIM functions on a plane

The P800 is fully equipped to deal with today's information environment, capable of securely browsing content using:WAP,WWW,cHTML,Backup media .
Wherever you want to go, whatever information you want to get, and however you want to get there, the P800 delivers.

Memory Stick DUO
The P800 comes with a 16MB Memory Stick® DUO which more than doubles the storage capacity and allows you to transfer files from your phone to your PC and vice versa. Use it to:

• Backup media
• Transfer between PC and P800 or between P800 and another P800
• Distribute software

The P800 has all the professional essentials too: like large color touchscreen with stylus input, to-do notes and synchronizable appointments, tasks and contacts, to name just a few. And with GPRS, WAP, an instant Internet access button, e-mail and triple-band GSM, you're always connected and in touch - wherever you may wander.

Just in case the camera isn't entertainment enough, the P800 comes fully equipped with games, movie clip viewer and enough customizable features to keep you happy for weeks.

• Embedded Men in Black and Stuntcar Extreme games
• Hey, grandmaster! Play chess with your friends via SMS
• More games supplied on the P800 CD-ROM
The New Sony-Ericsson P800
As soon as it's in your hands, the P800 becomes your phone to customize to your heart's content. The Symbian Operating System and a generous 12 MB* of memory mean you can create or download applications to make your P800 unique. It's all about openness. Symbian OS 7.0 is at the heart of the P800's power and openness

• Symbian OS 7.0 is at the heart of the P800's power and openness
• Java compatibility lets you install games and utility programs that fit your needs
• Software developers' kits (Java and C++) are available to increase the number of P800 applications

For Business
Software included in the P800 makes it possible to log in to secure networks via single-use password generation. Corporate applications may be deployed on the P800, extending information access to the smartphone:

• The Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) gives handheld devices access to Windows, UNIX and Java applications using low bandwidth links
• Lotus® Mobile NotesTM will be available for the P800
• Oracle and Sybase database and e-commerce solutions in development IBM device management solutions in development

For pleasure
The P800 supports Java, and is ready to run many applications written for handheld computers and mobile phones, like games, instant messaging and chat.
Third party applications may make use of the communications, display and storage facilities of the P800: stand by for faster, more exciting games! Applications are easily downloaded directly to the P800 using the browser, or may be installed from a connected PC.

The New Sony-Ericsson P800
The New Sony-Ericsson P800
The New Sony-Ericsson P800
The New Sony-Ericsson P800
The New Sony-Ericsson P800
The New Sony-Ericsson P800

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Display208 x 320 pixels TFT
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size4.61 x 2.32 x 1.06 inches
(117 x 59 x 27 mm)
5.60 oz  (159 g)
Battery1000 mAh, 13 hours talk time

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