Ouch! Call it a bummer for this device, but it’s seriously not an ideal device to snap photos. With its 5-megapixel camera, the results are obviously predictable with its muddy details, bland colors, and grainy looks. Yes, there’s an LED flash on board to light things up, but it’s seemingly ineffective beyond 3 feet.

Aside from its 29 frames per second capture rate, there’s nothing particularly exciting about its 720p video recording quality. Yet again, it suffers from some serious soft visuals that are made worse with the amount of artifacting that’s evident throughout its capture. Certainly, some people might be desperate to use it in a worst case scenario, but don’t give much hope in its quality.

T-Mobile myTouch Sample Video:


Relying on the good old Android music player, we’re not entirely jumping out from our seat with its presentation or layout. However, its volume output is definitely up there, but it’s attached with a hint of sharpness at the loudest setting. Of course, it could be remedied by some kind of equalizer setting, but it’s lacking any.

Mainly due to its poor display, watching videos on the handset can be a bit of a challenge. In addition to only supporting MPEG-4 videos out of the box, its maximum resolution support is 720p. Sure, it’s able to move swiftly at a reasonable rate, but the washed out appearance of the display doesn’t make for the best experience.

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