T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Review

Here comes the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide – a distant relative to the first Android phone ever. Packing a physical QWERTY to supplement the messaging experience, it's still one of the few handsets available to T-Mobile customers that run Android 2.1 right now. Moreover, it employs a ...
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1. rehnhart

Posts: 103; Member since: Mar 27, 2009

The Slide has been out for a few months and now you release a review?

2. lookitdisguy

Posts: 32; Member since: Dec 09, 2009

Yeah really you guys slipped up on this one...


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Cramped keyboard? I have used one before and the keyboard is great.

4. effdee1121

Posts: 14; Member since: Mar 05, 2010

you guys give this phone a 7.5 and you gave the HTC Aria an 8?

7. DonkeyPunched

Posts: 321; Member since: Jan 10, 2010

Right? This was a pretty bad review. Like Rory said also, the keyboard actually feels great.

5. chris23

Posts: 39; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

Yea i actually have a problem with this review its extremely late, and everyone else seems to love the keyboard in fact its the best one around and they say its cramped, they are saying its bulky when its thinner than the G1 and probably some of the other phones out there....It did not seem that much thicker than the Droid. The only thing that i can agree with is the stiff buttons on the phone, but even that is not a major issue. This is actually a great phone, that even i almost passed up on, if you have a mytouch already this is actually a great upgrade because of the 600 mhz processor and 512 RAM and ROM

6. hoods

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

actually if you go into personalize you can expand it to 7 screens... i don't like the numbers sharing space with the top row of letters but it is still a great keyboard and it really isn't that big....

8. betheelynn unregistered

I recieved my phone on August 8th. I couldnt send or recieve MMS- pic messages. called tmobile and they said it was a known issue, Went through trouble shooting and was told that I should get an update by the 18th. August 19th no update. I called them again and they decided to send me a new phone. I recieved the new phone adn that dosent work for mms either. I recieved the update today 8/28 and the MMS still does not function. I have logged 47.5 hours on the phone with tmobile trying to get this resolved and all that i recieve in return is more bs. This phone is horrible and the customer service from tmobile is even worse.

9. yila unregistered

Seriously, why would you choose someone who stutters so badly and has an obvious speech impediment to do the video review? At times, it sounds like he's speaking another language. Also sounds like he had too much caffeine.

10. mhmd unregistered

It's an amazing technology.Thanks a lot HTC organization

12. rawr unregistered

my sister and me have this phone. Its been dropped on subways,sat on,fell on gravel, and onto a laminite floor. Theres only one scratch,and it works fine. My phone was only dropped once, onto the carpet. It can take a fall relativly well (idk about the touchscreen,and we ddidnt have a cover or anyhting)
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