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T-Mobile Tap Review

T-Mobile Tap 6.5

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T-Mobile Tap Review

Switching over to the phone calling side of the Tap, conversations were drowned out by the hissy static noise in the background. Even when volume was set to its lowest, we could still hear the noise. Placing that glaring issue aside, voices on both ends were clear to comprehend. When using the speaker phone, our caller’s voices did sound as if they were on a walkie talkie because of the high pitched static noise as we conversed. With so much interference during all of our phone calls, we were disappointed with its quality.

While testing out the T-Mobile Tap, we did notice that it held a better connection to the network than other phones. No dropped calls whatsoever and it retained better 3G connections as well.

By far the best thing that we tested out on the Tap was its battery life – we managed to get an astounding 12 hours of continuous talk time before the battery completed went dead. That’s some feat to achieve when you consider the manufacturer’s rated talk time of 5 hours and 240 hours on standby.


Being still new to the US market, Huawei needs some work on future handsets if they plan on being competitive in this market. The T-Mobile Tap displays everything that a first time handset should not do if they really want to provide a compelling handset to customers. Facing stiff competition from other similar touchscreen phones, the T-Mobile Tap is littered with too many problems that need some fine tuning to become somewhat at least usable. Although Huawei has finally tapped into a major wireless provider in the US, its offering leaves us questioning whether or not they will survive with a handset like the T-Mobile Tap.

T-Mobile Tap Video Review:


  • Long talk time
  • Compact design


  • Unresponsive touchscreen
  • Poor call quality
  • Choppy video playback
  • Boring looking interface
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6.5 Good
User rating:
6.1 33 Reviews

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

The taps are flying off the shelf, actually. Im a bit suprized myself. But at $180 full retail or $9 a month on the EMP plans, its a cheap "cool" phone for the tweens that are dying for a touchscreen. Its a decent phone. Its not great, but its not crap either. Its perfect for the segment its ment for.. tweens n teens or people that want something more fun to play with but not tied to an internet plan. And its 3g internet for the 9.99 internet plan.

posted on 17 Nov 2010, 17:41

2. v (unregistered)

the tap sukz b cuz it will not read the sd card

posted on 17 Jun 2012, 01:19

3. 1DFan101 (Posts: 1; Member since: 17 Jun 2012)

This phone has a lot of problems!

posted on 09 Feb 2013, 17:31

4. saint_satin_stain (Posts: 10; Member since: 09 Dec 2012)

I have a Tap, but now have a smart phone. "Its not great, but its not crap either." I ignored the camera while I was active with it. You can do email, though not as great as many smart phones; surfing not so great either, but hey. I like fact it has real radio FM tuner, music player, so you can listen to music only using battery. The alarms sound even when it's turned off. I have kept my old phones, even back to the old heavy stubby Ericsson from phone ancient days. I sometimes carry my Tap for its music player and its FM radio. The radio is good. T-Mobile should keep the Tap for those who just want to make call, maybe download email. If they lost the camera, folk who just want a phone wouldn't mind. The Tap aint crap unless you judge it by the best smart phones. My smart phone does not have a real radio; it has the streamers we call radios. They're software. If I accidentally turn it off, no alarms on my smart phone. I say, as suggested before, judge it by a different standard. It has good sound. Say it's a good phone for folk who mostly use a phone for original purpose. I had no problems with it, but I'm smarter than the phone.

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Display2.8 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (143 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size4.20 x 2.20 x 0.50 inches
(107 x 56 x 13 mm)
3.70 oz  (105 g)
Battery1150 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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