T-Mobile Sidekick LX Review


Improving on the hardware side, we see the upgraded auto-focusing 3.2-megapixel camera. Pressing the right shoulder button will start up thecamera program which took over five seconds to start. There are somesettings you can modify through the option like the white balance,color effects, and resolution. Slightly pressing down on the same rightshoulder button will focus the camera and pushing it all the way downtakes the shot. Pictures came out with decent detail while colors werewell represented in outdoor settings. Our best shots came out inbrightly lit conditions while low lighting caused colors to be way off.One nice feature found on the Sidekick is its ability for photos to begeotagged thanks to the built-in GPS. It may not replace your digitalcamera, but it does a decent job being a quick point and shoot.

It'swonderful that you can take videos and send it to someone. But thelimited resolution of 320 x 240 would not provide the best quality.They came out blurry and pixelated to the point where it made itunrecognizable at times. On top of that, color representation was wayoff and almost made it seem like the video was in black and white.While taking the video, there was a noticeable delay in what you aretrying to take versus what is seen on screen. As we said before, it isbest left used for MMS.


Selecting the media player icon willallow you to listen to music or watch a video. The interface of themusic player is pretty simple with the artist, song title, and albumcover displayed on screen. Pressing the menu button will provide youthe option to pause/play, reverse, or forward a song. While the cancelbutton can be used as a dedicated pause/play key when running the musicplayer. The audio coming out of the speaker lacked some power and didnot provide ample volume when placed on the highest setting. Wepreferred using the 3.5mm headphone connection to get a betterexperience. Supplementing that is stereo Bluetooth connection if youprefer a wireless method.

We feel that the Sidekick LX 2009'svideo support to be somewhat lacking. It will play 3gp videos fine, butyou can forget about all other formats. Unfortunately, we were unableto play a video in either H.263 or H.264 format. Instead, we loaded upa YouTube video and it played smoothly on the phone. The menu controlsare located on the bottom of the screen with access to the functions(pause, play, reverse, forward) by using the trackball. Audio qualityfrom the video was the same as music playback; very low with no bass.

Connectivity and Internet:
Ifyou plan on taking a trip overseas, making phone calls won't be aproblem thanks to the quad-band GSM phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). The3G connection is possible due to the tri-band UMTS (850/1700/2100 MHz).

Itmay not provide the best experience with web browsing, but it does adecent job at it. Pages did take quite some time to come up when we had3G speeds and displayed in a vertical scrolling friendly view. Changingit to the full-size layout loaded up the site in typical fashion.Scrolling both horizontally and vertically was a timely process if youhad the trackball sensitivity on the default setting. After changingit, we managed to have a better experience. There is even a pageoverview that works well for those long web sites.   If pages loadedfaster, it would have been an almost perfect browser. Nonetheless, itruns good enough without any major complaints.


The onlyavailable GPS application found on the Sidekick LX 2009 was MicrosoftLive Search. It'll do the job when it comes to looking up local pointsof interests. You can even switch the map type from a road view to anaerial view. This will definitely not replace a traditionalturn-by-turn GPS system though.

Memory isn't too much of aconcern because it is loaded with 128 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM. The phonedoes come with a 1 GB microSD card already; so you'll be fine right outof the box. If you find it not enough, it can support cards up to 16 GB.

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