T-Mobile Sidekick LX Review


Not too much to say about the newer version 5.0 of the Danger operating system used on the phone. The one thing any Sidekick user will say about the interface is the fact that it is simple and straightforward. The same is true with this new version. Granted that the better screen allows for slick looking animations when scrolling through the menus, but there are some neat looking themes preloaded. There is a rotating list of icons on the left side of the screen with an opposing picture loading up on the right as you scroll through the different menu options. There are also tons of shortcuts that are used depending on the application you are running. You will find the interface to be quite stable with minimal slowdown with even all the transition effects running when you navigate.

The phone does a good job of adding contacts; offering a good amount of information to be stored per contact. Items such as phone numbers, email addresses, instant messaging names, and notes are some of the many things you can include. You can save up to 2000 contacts before having to worry of running out of space. Searching for a specific contact can be done by scrolling through your list or just typing the name on the keyboard.

Messaging is another integral part of the Sidekick features. And it does shine in that aspect thanks to its depth in all areas. Pressing the left shoulder button will launch the application where you can quickly send an MMS. If you prefer just sending a quick SMS, you can launch the application by clicking the appropriate icon on the main menu.

We were pleased to see a great email program. There are some providers listed on the phone you can choose to quickly set up and start receiving emails. If you have a specific email provider, you can manually enter the server settings. It's noteworthy to say that Microsoft Exchange might be supported down the road.

If you're into all the popular social networking sites, applications for Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter can be found. We used Twitter and noticed how well it is integrated into the phone. It will give you updates to the latests tweets of your friends and will keep you updated even if you exit out back to the main menu.

Finally you can keep in touch with friends through the various IM clients. You can login using either AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger to chat with friends. You'll continue to be online if you exit back to the main menu and can use all three IM clients at the same time as well.

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