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T-Mobile MDA Review

HTC Wizard

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T-Mobile MDA Review
Communication Manager

On the connectivity side the MDA is just as complete as in every other department. For voice calls it is a quad-band GSM phone, which will work virtually everywhere in the world where there's GSM coverage. For data transmission you have GPRS and EDGE, where it is available, and to complete the package the MDA also has an 802.11b module on board, so you can use Wi-Fi connections where those are available. Besides those you get Bluetooth 1.2 with all available profiles except for A2DP, which enables transfer of stereo sound to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. You can even use the voice dialing with a Bluetooth earpiece, which is immensely useful especially when driving. Or if your car happens to be Bluetooth enabled you'll be able to take full advantage of the MDA's voice abilities. The voice dialing itself is a simple program that works by enabling voice tags for your contacts. MS Voice Command is a lot more elaborate program and is highly recommended because it's giving you full voice operation (not just dialing, but operating programs and features and such), however you'll have to buy that one.


For internet browsing the MDA is equipped with Pocket Internet Explorer, which unlike its desktop counterpart is not as graphically entertaining, but does the job just as well, and is very smartly designed to give you the maximum of the webpage especially considering the limited real estate you have on a PDA screen. HTML pages are designed to fit the screen by default, but you can select desktop view, which will have you scrolling probably more than you like. Rendering pages is pretty good, graphics are very well handled and if you're using EDGE or Wi-Fi the pages should be loading pretty fast. Now, Pocket IE seems to stand up among its mobile competitors a little better than it's desktop sibling. It loads pages relatively fast, renders picture well, and the only real complaint is that scrolling through the page with the navigational pad is not really smooth.

T-Mobile MDA Review

Many people would probably be disappointed with the fact that the MDA does not have 802.11g, but only "b". Well, good news is that you can enable the "g" with a little bit of registry editing, but on the negative side that will void the device's warranty, and you won't see much of a boost in the performance. The processor is too slow. Also, even with 802.11b the device gets pretty warm after about an hour of use, which means that it's really heavy on the processor. So that's something to consider before doing.


On the fun side, the MDA is quite complete as well. The 1.3 Megapixel camera is actually useful. It gives you a bunch of tools and options to manipulate the image. You start it by pressing on the Camera Button on the right side of the device. You also use that same button as shutter release. Holding the MDA horizontally in the bottom right corner you will see a couple of options that you select with the stylus. One takes you to the camera options, another one takes you to the photo gallery on the device, and a third one is used to exit the camera interface. The options on the camera themselves are pretty good. You can set up the resolution that you want to use, the picture format, those use little drop down menus, further you can select the contrast, brightness and color options. For those the MDA uses little sliders and a little picture window showing you how your adjustment will affect the picture. Overall, the camera interface is good although somewhat cumbersome; you might find yourself reaching for the stylus.
Compared to other cameras of this resolution the quality does not stand out, but is not bad either. The camera button is also very well situated, so that taking pictures brings you closer to the real camera experience. The video however is just as good as the video taken with any other mobile phone, so it's nothing to write home about. There are actually two different video modes. One that records regular video clips at 176x144, and Video Message Mode which records in different format. For email, we would recommend using the regular Video Mode, Videos, as well as pictures can be viewed in a thumbnail gallery. Taping on the thumbnail will open the picture in a manner similar to the Picture Viewer on your desktop. From there you can send pictures, apply them to contacts. You won't be able to do much editing however, so reserve that for you PC.

T-Mobile MDA Review
T-Mobile MDA Review
T-Mobile MDA Review
T-Mobile MDA Review
T-Mobile MDA Review
T-Mobile MDA Review
Camera Samples


If you lost your iPod on the last family trip, do not hurry getting a new one, but first consider the musical abilities of the MDA. As part of Windows Mobile, you get Windows Media Player 10, which gives you MP3 and video playback, as well as streaming audio and video. With a high capacity memory card you can easily fit a couple of hundred songs on there and enjoy those with the included stereo headset. If you are a movie maniac, you can transfer your movies on the Mini SD and enjoy those on the MDA as well. Now, although the MDA is advertised as having two stereo speakers, we really wouldn't recommend using it as a stereo. The sound is loud enough, but at high volumes it sounds distorted, and thinny overall. Not a problem for voice calls, but definitely not the best way to enjoy music.

T-Mobile MDA Review
Windows Media Player


Now, if you prefer to stay on the business side of things you should be happy with the rest of the software that comes included with the MDA - Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Powerpoint - all scaled down versions of the popular MS Office programs, and ClearVue PDF Reader, which will let you view even PDF files. Now, those will allow you to do some editing, but they won't let you do all the crazy things you can do on your PC. For an example if you're sent an Excel file you'll have no problem assigning and filling out values, saving the file, and attach into an email. But if you want to do pie charts it might be a better idea to wait till you get to your home or office. Similar abilities are incuded in the other programs.

Much like your computer's folder directory here you have a File Manager, which basically as the name suggests lets you manage all the files that you have on your device. Moving back, and forth onto the storage card, or just between different folders, also deleting and searching for files. Simple Copy/Paste of files can be done by the afformentioned process of tapping and holding down the stylus. Also this is a great way to manage your memory, because you'll find running a lot of programs does slow the phone down. And maybe here is the place to mention that, just clicking the little 'x' on the top right corner does not shut the program, but just keeps it running in the background. What's nice is that even some of the keyboard shortcuts are available, so your life is a little bit easier.

T-Mobile MDA Review
T-Mobile MDA Review

Of course one of the beautiful things about Windows Mobile, and smartphones in general, is the ability to install extra software for extra productivity, or more fun. And since it is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, alongside with Symbian, there are literally thousands of applications available to use on the MDA - from internet browsers, through remote access programs, to bible readers. Just keep track of the memory, because the MDA has a ROM memory of 128 MB, and a RAM of only 64 MB, so getting a memory card is a worthy investment. Then again that's true for most phones of this class, so it doesn't come as a surprise.  

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HTC Wizard

HTC Wizard

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Battery1250 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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