Callers were impressed with the G1, and gave us an 8.5/10 rating, with their main complaint being we sounded a touch nasally.  On our end we’d give it a 7.  Voice reproduction was good and the caller was clear, but the volume wasn’t as loud as we’d have liked and even in a quiet room we sometimes found ourselves trying to turn it up, only to find we were on the highest setting.  Though it didn’t affect sound quality, there was also a lot of hissing in the background.

Talk time is rated at an impressive 5.8 hours for GSM and 6.8 hours for WCDMA.  Standby is 319 hours on GSM and 402 for WCDMA.  In our tests, using GSM, we were actually able to achieve a stellar 7.1 hours of talk time.  Even after a day of very heavy use we still had 20% battery life when we went to bed, so we feel the battery is plenty ample.


Android is impressive, and the G1 is a nice piece of hardware.  Still, we can’t help but feel that both Google and HTC could have done more for a launch device.  When we step back and look at the bigger picture the future is bright, very bright, but in this day and age we want it now.  Simple things like a video player, stereo Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headset jack are missing.  Overall the phone performs well though, and it is merely the first step in what we foresee as the next true revolution in wireless.


  • Android looks to be the real deal
  • Almost everything is customizable
  • Keypad is one of the best out there
  • Large, responsive touchscreen
  • Open platform + Android Market = infinite possibilities
  • Device is large, but ergonomics are good
  • Great battery life


  • Hardware is good, but not groundbreaking
  • Android is still immature
  • No video player, camcorder or stereo Bluetooth yet

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