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T-Mobile Comet Review

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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T-Mobile Comet Review
More than capable of emitting some stern tones from its earpiece, there is some static noise in the background that's fairly noticeable – plus it doesn't help that voices sound distorted. Conversely, our callers state that our voice on their end sounds more hollow than anything else. But when switching to the speakerphone for our conversations, it's able to put out some boisterous tones that make it extremely audible, but unfortunately, voices have a crackly sound to them.

Obtaining an average of -75 dBm in high coverage areas, we didn't experience any vast changes in signal strength during our testing in the greater Philadelphia region.

Battery life seems to be average with the handset as we managed to get by a solid 8 hour work shift without the need of recharging the handset. Light users will most likely be able to pull out a solid day of usage, but it would be wise to plug it to get some needed juice before bed time. With heavy users, you'll want to have a spare charger at work to keep it from completely depleting. The manufacturer has it rated for 9 hours of talk and 288 hours of standby time.


Before making any final remarks about the T-Mobile Comet, you really have to factor in its obscene price of free with a contract. After allowing that to settle in, there are some aspects of the device that can be forgiven due primarily to its super entry-level nature. But when looking closely to what the LG Optimus T is able to offer, the Comet's blemishes begin to stick out like a sore thumb. Things like its questionable construction, lack of multi-touch support, and poor photo taking capabilities does make  its free pricing a bit less desirable. Nonetheless, it still offers all the wonderful features that Android has to offer. And for those with a budget and torn between choosing a feature phone, the T-Mobile Comet makes for a decent transition device. In fact, the T-Mobile Comet is a great solution for whiny kids who really bug their parents for a smartphone because it doesn't involve a costly investment – plus you won't be too hard on yourself if something unfortunate happens to it. But if you're willing to pay more, we'd suggest taking a look at the LG Optimus T.

Software version of the reviewed unit: Android 2.2; Build: U8150V100R001C85B823SP01

T-Mobile Comet Video Review:


  • It's free
  • Stock Android 2.2 experience


  • Lack of multi-touch support
  • Takes poor looking photos
  • Questionable construction
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Display2.8 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (143 ppi) TFT
Camera3.2 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, Single core, 528 MHz
0.25 GB RAM
Size4.10 x 2.20 x 0.50 inches
(104 x 56 x 13 mm)
3.60 oz  (102 g)
Battery1200 mAh, 9 hours talk time

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